Monday, September 26, 2016

Mommy Style Monday: Meal Time

Happy Monday everyone! That's kind of an oxymoron, happy Monday?
Anyway, I hope your Monday is going well! All I know is that the weekend went by way too fast and I'm already ready for the next one!

Today for Mommy Style Monday we are sharing with you some foods that we feed our kids. Boston is 9 months old and basically eats whatever we eat, just in smaller bites/pieces. What I have a hard time with is packing food for him to eat at the sitters. I always pack a jar of baby food, some treats, and usually a fruit. I kind of feel bad though... packing the same kind of things everyday. What do you working moms pack for your little ones?

I decided to try out a baby friendly recipe this weekend. I made butternut squash cakes from The Gingerbread Mum.

They are kind of like a healthy pancake but made out of veggies and beans. They are kind of bland for me to enjoy but they are perfect for Boston!

She suggested serving it with some yogurt as well so here is some low fat, plain, greek yogurt. I liked it better that way.

Do you have any suggestions for food I can easily pack for Boston?

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  1. Thank goodness kids will usually eat anything bland but bready, haha! I have no experience with packing snacks for a babysitter each day.... I don't think you should feel too bad about packing the same things for snack times. My daughter usually has the same things to eat every day.

  2. Just like Gwen, I've never had to pack a babysitter bag, but I always make sure that my diaper bag has a few veggie/fruit suckie pouches, goldfish and granola bars. Don't know if that helps or not :)

  3. I think routines are great for kids! My oldest really thrives on eating the same kinds of foods, but I think having the usual go-to's with a little something new every day goes a long way.

  4. Did he like those? Maybe I should try something like this.