Friday, August 19, 2016


In March I did a blog post about this Mom Life shirt from Ezra + Eli. I absolutely love their clothing line.
They came out with this new shirt and I HAD to get it. Being a mom is the best thing ever. I absolutely love it.
I went back to work this week and I am having a super hard time with it. I miss being home with my baby boy and spending every second of every day with him. I know I am doing what's right for my family right now and I am getting a lot of help and support from my husband, family, friends, and coworkers.
The unfortunate thing is, I have a friend or two that like to rub in the fact that they are stay at home moms and they don't seem to understand why it is that I need to work right now to support my family. Super annoying. Sometimes you just need to distance yourself from people that bring you down and for no reason. 

Anyway, I love this shirt because it reminds me of the job I am doing. I am a mother to the best kid ever. EVER.

Make sure to check them out at Ezra + Eli. There shop isn't always open, so make sure you follow them on Instagram so that you know when their shop is open. You buy the shirts as a preorder and then they ship it to you about 3 weeks later.

Have a great weekend!


  1. You look cute, and you are a wonderful mother!!! You can tell Boston is so loved. :)

  2. I'm 100% positive that being a mother will make you a better teacher. You are mothering so many little people all day long! (Including your dear son, of course!) Take heart. You are doing the best thing you can for your family right now! And take it from a stay at home mom, you can be home all day and ignore your children. The quality of the time you spend with Boston will more than make up those hours away. It really will!