Monday, August 15, 2016

Mommy Style Monday: Water Day

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Swimsuit: Target / Shorts: American Eagle (old, similar here) / Sunnies: Ray-Ban

First of all, I just have to complain for a minute about my summer being over. I go back to work tomorrow and I am DREADING it. Are any of you moms teachers too? Or just working moms? How do you do it? I am having the hardest time with it. I'm going to miss staying home with this baby boy of mine.

Anyway, this weeks' inspiration was a WATER DAY! We had to do this post before summer is over, right? And you guys, fall is next month! Braden and I had the plan to go to Bear Lake all summer and we were finally able to go. It was about an hour drive and we knew Boston wouldn't be able to last long at the beach so I was kind of doubting our trip there. But Boston LOVED it! The water is actually kind of cold and he did not mind it one bit. He saw the water and just wanted to get in. He was jumping and splashing the entire time and never got tired or bored of it! He liked it so much that we even debated going again later in the week but it never ended up happening.
When we first got to Bear Lake we stopped for some lunch and Boston shared some of our fries. Then we drove to the beach and just played in the water the whole time. Before we left we had to stop and get a raspberry shake, Boston loved that! Then he passed out in the car on the ride home.
I love hanging out with this little dude. Watching him enjoy the simple things in life just makes everything so much better!

I love this swim suit because it is VERY nursing friendly. Which I had to do while we were at the beach. I promise that whenever I go shopping these days I only look for nursing friendly things. Sometimes it's annoying but it's kind of just like second nature by now.

My mother in-law gave me a pack of these super cute inflatable donuts to hold your drink! Isn't it the cutest!

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  1. so cute! your little guy looks so happy in the water!

  2. Fun! I miss Bear Lake! (insert crying emoji here about a million times)

  3. I need to get myself to a lake or the ocean stat!! Looks so much fun! Your suit is adorable!

  4. I love that suit! And could really go for a raspberry shake right now. Good luck this week!!!!

  5. I love your suit and your little man's suit. Good luck starting school this week!