Wednesday, July 13, 2016


7 months old. Boston is closer to 1 year old than he is to being a newborn! Babies really do grow way too fast!

What is new this month?
- Boston got his first set of teeth.
- He LOVES being outside. I honestly think he could stay out there all day and never get bored.
- He did a 2 week session of swimming lessons and absolutely LOVED it! Although, instead of learning how to swim he learned how to be a better splasher and kicker.
- He loves being thrown in the air.
- He loves being scared.
- He laughs at EVERYTHING.
- He started army crawling and is really fast.
- He loves food, LOVES it! If we don't give him bites of what we are eating he gets a little upset. He even knows that he should chew food. So cute.
- He is obsessed with our laptop. If he sees it he was army crawl so fast to it.
- He reaches for things and people. It's so cute!
- He laughs with a cute little scrunchy face.

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