Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Real Life, Mom Life: A Day in the Life


Can I express once again how much I LOVE summer! It is the greatest. I just absolutely love being with Boston 24/7.
Today I'm just sharing a glimpse into my life as a mom.

7:15 Boston wakes up. I change him and the nurse him.
He comes and hangs out with me while I make my breakfast. This usually involves us high pitch squealing at each other, saying "da da da da", blowing raspberries, and looking outside.
After that I'll strap him into my Ergo Baby carrier or put him in his stroller and we will go on a little walk in the neighborhood. Then we go back inside and play!
9:15 he naps. Sometimes his naps are 1 hour long and sometimes he will surprise us and nap for 2 hours! I try to make his first nap a productive nap. I usually exercise and then shower and get ready. Unless it was a hard night (which hardly ever happens anymore, YAY!) then I may take a nap.
Once he wakes up I feed him and then we play some more! We don't really like being at home ALL day so during this awake time is when we usually try and just go out and do something really quick. Whether it be a run to the grocery store, a quick trip to the park, a little treat, we just try to go out and do something.
1:00 ish is his next nap! This nap Braden and I eat lunch and just hang out together, maybe watch something on TV, play Mario Kart.
Once Boston wakes up I feed him and we PLAY!
4:00 ish is his last nap. This nap is usually a shorter one.
Once Boston wakes up I feed him and it's dinner time! Boston sits at the dinner table with us and we feed him some baby food. And he likes to blow raspberries and smile at everyone sitting at the table.
After dinner we lay a blanket out outside and we hang out.
Bed time is between 7:00 and 7:30. Just depends on how long his last nap of the day was.
He is the cutest baby ever and he makes our life so much better!

Do you guys have fun summer activities to do with a 6 month old? We signed him up for swimming lessons which start next week. But I want some other activities!

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