Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Real Life, Mom Life: Reflecting on Life

Happy Wednesday. Guess what! Today is the last day of school! Well, for students. My last day is Friday and I CANNOT WAIT!
As I was thinking about what to write about today all I could really think of was my little boy. I didn't have a current picture for today's post so I just started to look at some old pictures of Boston. Oh my heck! He was so little! It's so funny how they change so much but since I see him every day I don't really notice. Then I was looking at pictures I took the first week of his life and it's so crazy to me how much he has changed, how much I have changed, how much both of our lives have changed in just six short months.

Oh my heck! I could just start crying I am so in love with this little boy! I already miss him being a newborn! And he is still so little. People warned me that time would fly by and I guess I just didn't realize it until looking at these pictures.
Yesterday I came home from work and Braden and I were sitting on the floor playing with Boston. He grabbed his foot and shoved it in his mouth! That was the first time he has done that. Then he rolled from his belly to his back! He has done this a few times but so randomly, I think he has finally mastered it. He is growing up so fast and I can't wait to be there for it every second this summer.

A lot of you may not know this but I used to not want to be a stay at home mom. If I am home alone for an hour I go crazy! So I always thought I would be a working mom. I knew kids were a lot of work but I just didn't want to be at home all the time. Then Boston came and my whole world changed. Now all I wish to be is a stay at home mom. I know right now it isn't possible and it isn't right for our current situation. But soon, it will happen.
Just a few weeks before Boston was born we put on offer and a beautiful home and it was accepted. I was so excited to decorate this house and raise our family in it. Seriously, SO BEAUTIFUL! Well, Boston was born and we realized that if I wanted to be a stay at home mom, this wasn't a home that we could afford. So unfortunately we had to back out of that house. Often times I wish we were in that house, but that would have made me have to keep working, and that is something I don't want to HAVE to do.
Braden and I are moving out of our apartment this weekend and moving in with his parents for the summer. Since we are both teachers and we don't have to work over the summer, we thought, why not move? There is nothing keeping us here. We also want to move into something a little bigger for next year. And it will be nice to be close to family for the summer and get to see a little more of them.

Anyway, I didn't really have a specific topic in mind for this post. But I am just so thankful for this little boy of ours. He is the most amazing thing in my life and I love him more than I could ever explain.

Oh my goodness! He was so little!
I'm already ready for another little baby.
But really, I am.

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