Saturday, May 14, 2016



He is the cutest most perfect babe in the world and we love him so so so much.

This month Boston tried food for the first time! His first food was chicken (which was probably a mistake, he gagged and hated it). So we did rice cereal for a little before we introduced another food. He doesn't really like rice cereal either. He LOVES squash and green beans. We have let him suck on an apple and watermelon and he loves that too. He tried turkey and he hates that haha. But we need to really get him to like his savory foods before we introduce the sweet things, right? Otherwise all he will want is the yummy sweet stuff, just like his mom ;)

This month Boston learned how to roll from back to tummy! We are still working on tummy to back.
Oh, he didn't end up getting a tooth. Everyone thought he was teething! All the signs were there but it must have just been a fussy part of a developmental phase and those white, hard spots on his gums... blisters.
On Boston's five month birthday he had to go to sleep without his mommy. I had a parent night at school and had to be there past his bed time. Braden had to be the one to put him to sleep, we have never done this before. Little Bo had a hard time with it. He was kicking the whole time and trying to hit the bottle out of Braden's hands. He finally fell asleep and slept pretty well actually. But let's hope that never happens again. I love being the one to put him to sleep every night.
Boston loves looking and playing with his feet. He is constantly pulling on his onesies and trying to pull them into his mouth. He is giggling and it is THE CUTEST! He is finally getting a little bit better at sleeping at night again. He rediscovered his bottom lip and is constantly sucking on it. (We are happy about that, we were sad when he stopped doing that). He LOVES sleeping on his tummy. Putting on diapers is now impossible because all he wants to do is roll onto his tummy. He always wants to be bouncing. Boston has started screeching and he loves it, it is the funniest thing ever. He is also constantly grunting, he used to do it only when he pooped but now he does it ALL the time haha.

Always sucking that bottom lip!

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