Monday, February 22, 2016

Happy Baby Wrap

When your baby is awake and you need to make dinner, what do you do? 
When your baby is awake and you need to do some laundry, what do you do?
When your baby is awake and you have things to do but you don't want to leave your baby alone to play, what do you do?
You wear him/her!

There are so many benefits to wearing your baby.
-it's convenient
-it helps with their physical development
-there have been studies that say the more babies are held, the happier they are
-it's healthy for YOU
-it helps your infant and even your toddler feel more secure
-it helps you communicate with your child
-it helps fathers, grandparents, etc. bond with your child
-it's a safe place for your baby to be
-it's fun!

Here are some ways that I use my Happy Baby Wrap

I bought this new stair stepper for exercise and Boston LOVES it!
Great for me and great for him!

Make sure your babe is high enough on you that you can kiss them :)

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