Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas 2015

My due date was Christmas Eve. Because of this, we celebrated Christmas early with my family because we weren't going to make it down to Salt Lake on actual Christmas. We'd either be in the hospital, or I'd be so pregnant and wouldn't want to risk going into labor in SLC.
Well, Boston decided to come early and we had already celebrated Christmas with my family. We ended up just having a small little Christmas in Logan, just the three of us. The weather was supposed to be bad and we didn't want to risk driving in bad weather. Then... it didn't even snow.

This was our Christmas card, then Boston came early so we had to self-timer a new one :)

We didn't celebrate Christmas until like 10 or 11. Boston didn't sleep well that night so we all needed to sleep a little longer. 

Luckily, I had bought Boston his own stocking, just in case. Good thing I did!

We went through our stocking first, opened presents, then Braden made his traditional Christmas morning breakfast, biscuits and gravy.

Boston was SO exhausted after Christmas morning that when I put him down to swaddle him he passed out immediately. 

Santa came later that day. I wanted Boston to meet Santa for his first Christmas but I didn't want to take him to the mall. Braden played such a good Santa last year at his family Christmas party that I had him do it just one more time for little Bo. Little Bo didn't mind Santa, but he did LOVE pulling on his beard :)

Boston LOVES this Christmas present.

Our Christmas Eve pajamas.

Boston's first Christmas ornament :)
Luckily we made a lot of extra dough because he loved kicking his legs and messing up the ornaments haha. This is the only one that turned out.

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