Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 1 of Being a Parent

This week has been so crazy but so amazing at the same time.
From the second little Boston was born our lives have been completely changed. But for the better. I can't imagine NOT having him. I am so glad that he decided to come 2 weeks early.

We stayed in the hospital for two nights. They said we could go home after one night but little Bo was having a hard time eating. He would sleep and never wake up to eat. We'd try to wake him up but he was completely out. It scared me. So we stayed one more night because I wanted to get the whole eating thing figured out. I was having a hard time sleeping the first night, I kept checking on him to make sure he was still breathing and I would just stare at him. The nurse suggested that we have him sleep in the nursery and they will bring him back when he is ready to eat. I agreed and they took him down so I could sleep. I woke up a few hours later and noticed he wasn't there. So I started crying. Braden asked why I was crying and I said it was because I missed little Boston! So I called the nurse to have them bring him back up. Once he was back in my arms I started crying again. Braden asked why I was crying now, and I said it was because I love him soooo much! Ha. The hormones after giving birth are CRAZY!
The second day in the hospital was much better. He was eating, not a lot, but he was. A lactation specialist was super helpful in teaching me some tricks to get him to eat. We were pretty much left alone the second day. They just came in every once in a while to check mine and Boston's vitals. After that second day Braden and I felt much better taking him home with us.
Having him home is so much fun. The first few days were hard sleep-wise. We love him so much we would just hold him ALL day and he would sleep in our arms. When night time came around we swaddled him and put him in his bassinet and he did not like that. The swaddle we were using wasn't tight enough around his legs and he moves his legs A LOT. So it was waking him up. We would have to hold him in order for him to sleep.  He was also spitting up a lot. I was afraid he might have acid reflux. The second night home we tried having him sleep in a swing. He did a lot better but I know that having a baby sleep on their back is the preferred way so I didn't want him to get used to the swing. We started putting him in his bassinet during his day time naps, that way he would get used to the bassinet rather than us just holding him. He did pretty good in the day, but again, when night came around he wouldn't have it. We finally decided to not use his swaddleme (his active legs were keeping him awake). We swaddled him in his hospital blanket and put him in his bassinet and he did much better! Last night was the first night that he successfully slept in his bassinet in our bedroom for the whole night! I mean, he woke up ever 1.5-3 hours to eat, but he went right back to sleep in the bassinet.
We had his 5 day doctor appointment on Thursday. We talked to the pediatrician about the possibility of him having acid reflux. He didn't seem too concerned but said to keep an eye on it because if he does have it, it will get worse by the next appointment. We make sure to burp him really good after each feeding and keep him help upright for 20ish minutes after each feeding and that has helped a little bit.
He also got circumcised at his 5 day check up. Luckily, Braden was able to take off all of last week to stay with us. I don't think I would have been able to go to the doctor appointment by myself. It was so sad. We were both in the room for the circumcision but I sat in the back crying the whole time. Braden watched though. Little Bo LOVED the sugar water that they gave him and he didn't seem to be in pain. He was completely knocked out for 3 or 4 hours after we got home. But then he woke up. And he SCREAMED! I hated it! Braden called the on call doctor to see what we could do for him. We gave him some baby tylenol and had to put some gauze on him. I bawled the whole night. Braden had to change his diapers for the first 12 hours after his little operation. Luckily he is doing much better now and it looks pretty much healed!

This little guy HATES getting his diaper changed. But he loves to poop or pee 2 seconds after getting a clean diaper. He loves starting at the ceiling. He loves to hold your finger and he holds on tighter when you try to pull your finger out. He somehow manages to get one or both arms out of his swaddles no matter how tight we make it, he has the strongest little arms. He loves having his hands by his face at all times, which he did in his 3D ultrasound too. He makes the cutest faces and he smiles a lot in his sleep. Boston LOVES getting burped. I don't know what it is about being burped but it just relaxes him so much. He eats a lot now and likes to use me as a pacifier. Braden and I stare at him all day long and never get tired of his cute little face. 

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