Sunday, November 1, 2015


Maybe this is actually Braden's favorite tradition of ours?
Let's say it's tied with #pumpkinfriday.

Braden celebrated "Flanvember" while we were dating. Two years ago I decided that I wanted to start celebrating this as well. So together we started a new tradition. Every year we buy a new flannel and wear it on November 1st, then we wear flannel for ALL of November. Well, Braden does. I only have enough flannel items to wear on Fridays in November. So Braden celebrates Flanvember (because yes, he has that much flannel) and I celebrate something more like Flannel Friday, if you will. I am slowly building up my collection of flannel. I actually might have enough flannel to celebrate Flannel Monday AND Flannel Friday.

Here are our new flannels for this year!
Flanvember 2015

 Flanvember 2014

 Flanvember 2013


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