Sunday, October 25, 2015

I Love You More Than Pumpkin Flavored Anything

Last year I found this sign on Instagram. Some random person had posted it and so I asked them where they got it. They said Cracker Barrel, but they lived in Texas or something.
I got online and tried to buy it. But it wasn't available online. So one day when Braden and I were driving down to his parents I had him stop at Cracker Barrel so we could buy it. Well, they didn't have it there either! So I searched everywhere online for this sign or a sign similar! And I couldn't find ANYTHING! Well October ended and winter came, and I kind of just forgot about the sign.
Once fall came around this year and #pumpkinfriday started again, I remembered that I NEEDED this sign! I looked up tutorials on Pinterest but everything seemed impossible. I can't trace letters and then paint them perfectly! I don't want to buy stencils for $30 that I'm only going to use this once, where do I get vinyl letters?
Well at one of my cousin's bridal showers all the girls decided that we'd get together and have a craft day! We'd all bring our own project and we could use my cousins wife's cricut! 
After a year of waiting I was finally able to get my sign!
And I like mine better :) 

Have a happy Sunday!
Oh, and if you missed this recipe for "The Great Pumpkin Pie", make sure you check it out! This is the second time I have made it in two weeks because Braden loves it so much!

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