Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Classroom Pictures

Last night and tonight were parent teacher conferences. I was done today with ALL of my conferences by 3:45. BUT I STILL HAD TO STAY UNTIL 7:30! I made good use of that time and did a lot of lesson planning and prepping. Well, 6:00 came around, I had dinner and then I had nothing else to do! So I sat in the faculty room and talked and talked. Then finally made the walk back to my classroom. WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO?! I took pictures! About time right?

I know. It's two months into school and I am BARELY posting pictures of my classroom. Honestly, it's just not as cute as I want it. There are still a lot of things that I want to add! But I worked so hard on this classroom over the summer. Braden came in a lot of times to help me put things up. I feel like it should be a lot cuter because we spent so much time on it!
Oh well, one day. But I am pretty happy with it.
Make sure you look at the before pictures because it is A LOT different than it was when I first got in there.

Here you go!

I had to block out one of the papers because it had student's first and last names on it which I am not allowed to post.

 The front of the classroom.

 The back of the classroom.

Daily Schedule

7 Habits Tree
Braden helped me make this tree and I am so glad because it was a lot harder than I was expecting it to be.

Literacy Station

I had the students color these letters. They loved being a part of the classroom decor.

My desk at the front of the classroom.

Classroom Jobs

We just finished out 37th day of school! 1/5 of the school year is already over! That's so crazy to me!

I found this calendar set at Michaels for 75% off! I HAD to get it.

My classroom library and our class mission statement. 
The students came up with it :)

Behind those pillars is my own little private office. It is separated from the rest of the class. It is so nice! Obviously I don't spend any time in there while I'm teaching. But it's nice to kind of have my own little "room".

My desk

My favorite bulletin board.

Not my popcorn maker. It's the school's. But because I have the biggest room, it gets stored in here. I'm not mad about it :)

I let my students come up with names for baby boy. They have to write their name suggestion AND put their name on the sticky note so that I knew who suggested it. So if you see girl names on there, that's the name of a student. Not a suggestion.
And let's just say that they have come up with some VERY creative names. Some were so creative that I had to take them down! (they don't know how to spell very well and sometimes they write inappropriate words that I don't want the principal seeing haha).
My favorite names that you can see here are "fishee", "engn" (I don't know what it's suppose to say... engine? maybe the n is an r and it's supposed to say anger?) and "bamoin", it's supposed to say batman.

 Well, that's my classroom! And now it's fall break! I am so happy!

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