Saturday, September 12, 2015

2nd Grade Teacher

Last year I was a 5th grade teacher. This year I am a 2nd grade teacher. 
When my principal told me about the move I wasn't thrilled but I was happy to have a job, in the same school, with co workers I already knew and like.
Over the summer I spent time getting my classroom together and getting ready to teach 2nd grade material rather than 5th grade.
School started and I was still sad that I wasn't in 5th grade anymore and I was really hoping that 2nd grade would be a good fit for me. Well, let me tell you, I LOVE 2ND GRADE! (probably more than 5th...)
It is so fun. Of course, some things are harder than teaching 5th grade but the age group and the material I teach is just a lot more enjoyable.
Teaching is hard. It's really hard. I had back to school night on a Wednesday and school started that Thursday. Well, at back to school night I had a few parents that weren't so happy about me being pregnant and taking maternity leave and they were quite up front about their feelings. So once after school night was over I walked home, walked in the door, and just started bawling. Of course Braden was worried thinking something had happened, no, just me being my emotional pregnant self. I cried about how hard teaching is, that I have to start all over again this year, parents hate me because I have to get a sub, teaching is so hard, and I don't want to be a TEACHER!
Teaching is hard and stressful. And if you don't think it is then please, come to my class and try to teach for a day, an hour even. You'll see.
As with any job, you have good days and bad days, but I feel like it's more of an emotional roller coaster ride when you're a teacher.
Let's talk about some good things that have happened so far this year.
On the first day of school I read my students the book "If You Take a Mouse to School" then I had them do a little activity. They had to come up with a cause and effect for "If you give your teacher a ________, then __________". And these were my favorite:

I really hope a student gives me a donut one day so that I can just go home :) haha.

Then I had them draw a picture of themselves of what they looked like on the first day of school and then share their feelings about the first day of school. I got some that said "I'm hungry and I want to go home", but then I got cute ones that said "I love my teacher". You just met me! And you already love me?! 2nd graders. They are DANG CUTE!

I have one little girl that comes up to me multiple times a day and says "I love you teacher" in the cutest little voice ever. Moments like that make teaching worth it. Moments like that make all of the hard times worth it.

My principal came in the first week of school to observe me and after the observation he said "You are a natural. You fit in so well in 2nd grade". And of course, that made my day too.
Then just this morning I went into the school to get some work done (because teaching is more than a 40 hour a week job) and I found this in my box. And that made my day also.

Teaching is hard. And there may even be more bad days than good, especially at the beginning of the year. But it's worth it. It may not seem like it's worth it every day, but today it is.

Hopefully I'll have pictures of my classroom posted soon. I took my camera over there this morning to take pictures then for some reason I thought no because... and now I can't remember what that reason was. So I didn't take pictures. Maybe next weekend?

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