Sunday, September 13, 2015

23rd Birthday

Both Braden and I had work. I tried to leave the second I could, then Braden and I went to the cupcake store. That's what I wanted for my birthday cake. We went to Temptation Cupcake. They have the best cupcakes ever. The thing is, they are only open until they sell out. So we had to hurry over there. When we got there they were almost sold out. Luckily, the people in line behind us left, which was good because I would have felt bad buying all of the cupcakes and not leaving them any. But it was my birthday so oh well.
For dinner I wanted to go to the grilled cheese food truck but for some reason they weren't open. Their website said they were so I was super bugged. But we went and got Indian food instead. And we had a yummy dessert. Gulab Jamun. I don't even know how to explain what it is but it was so good. So go there and try it. Here's a picture.

Then we ate cupcakes.

And I got my birthday present.

I got a LITTLE spoiled for my birthday this year. I got the Willow Tree statue I have been wanting. And I got an electric piano. A FULL SIZE ONE! Braden probably plays it as much as I do but it's so fun!

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