Tuesday, August 18, 2015

One Million Thank You's

Maybe it's these pregnancy hormones but my heart is full of so much gratitude. 
In one day I have too many things to be grateful for. 

Thank you everyone for being so excited for our soon to be family of three.
Thank you everyone for being so kind and supportive.
Thank you teachers for being excited for me and my husband.
Thank you teachers for asking me if I need help carrying big, heavy boxes down the hall.
Thank you teachers for holding the door open for me when my arms are full.
Thank you teachers for checking in on me to see how I'm doing.
Thank you teachers for complimenting me on my bump.
Thank you teachers for letting me pee first.
Thank you teachers for telling me how good of a teacher I was last year, even when I don't think so.
Thank you team for helping me out so much!
Thank you team for checking up on my stress levels.
Thank you team for helping me sort through things in my classroom.
Thank you team for brining boxes, and boxes of books to my classroom so that I didn't have to.
Thank you colleagues for inviting me, specifically, to lunch.
Thank you friends for all of the kind words recently.
Thank you for telling me I'm cute pregnant.
Thank you for complimenting me on the pants... my maternity pants.
Thank you for asking if me and baby we're okay after we got rear ended.
Thank you Braden for dropping everything to help me figure out some stupid decoration for my class.
Thank you Braden for never complaining about the work I bring home.
Thank you Braden for being so supportive of me in everything I do.
Thank you Braden for making me take breaks.
Thank you Braden for loving me.
Thank you Braden for being the best husband.
Thank you Braden for being the father of our son.
Thank you Heavenly Father for putting the best people in my life.

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