Monday, August 17, 2015

It's a ...

August 4, 2015. 
Our appointment to find out the gender was set for 3:45. Super late. Well the day before, I got that call where they remind you of your appointment. There had been a mixup in the computers so they asked me what time the appointment was for, I said 3:45. Well I guess the ultrasound technician doesn't come in until 4:00. So they asked if we could come in then. Okay... So we got there at like 3:50. And sat in the waiting room, not so patiently. At 4:02 a nurse comes out and says that the technician isn't in yet and that it would be a few minutes. I see her talking to one of the receptionists and from the muttered whispers that I heard, it sounded like I may not get my ultrasound. I was so irritated but trying not to expect the worst. This was supposed to be an exciting day! They better not ruin it for me! We were going to Canada in two days! I wasn't going to wait another two weeks to find out the gender. No, that ultrasound technician better show up or I am going to throw a FIT! Well, at 4:10ish the nurse took us back. Good. I asked if the technician was here and she said not yet! And I asked "is she coming?"  "I think so, but she does drive here from Ogden". Great. That's promising. Well at least there is a reasonable explanation to her being late. So there we were waiting, I had to pee but they told me I couldn't. But we didn't know when the ultrasound tech was coming! Thank goodness she knocked on the door a few minutes later. So we started the ultrasound, Braden standing next to me. She showed us all the body parts and took measurements, we got to see that heart beat pumping away. Then she showed us the body part we had been waiting for. A BOY!!! It was clearly a boy, no mistaking that. Apparently Braden saw that body part as she was scanning baby's body earlier. So he knew before I knew. It was so exciting! I always thought we would have a boy first and Braden always thought we would have a girl first. He was convinced it was a girl from day 1.  I thought boy. Then the past two months I was claiming it was going to be a girl! Three days before the ultrasound I changed my mind back to boy. And the morning of the ultrasound Braden said he thought it was a boy. I guess our final decision was the right one. Funny how that happened.


We are so excited and can't wait to meet him! I have been able to feel him move around in there a lot better. On one of our flights back to Utah I felt him move, so I put my hand on the spot where he was moving and looked down. Then I SAW a little bump when he moved again! Braden and I stared at my bump for a while and got to see him move some more! That was really fun.

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  1. Oh so FUN! I loved feeling Warren move. I am SO excited for you.