Sunday, August 16, 2015

Canada August 2015

For my graduation present Braden got us plane tickets to visit his brother, sister in-law and their three little girls in Canada.
We went from August 6th - 14th and had soooo much fun!
Here is a summary and some pictures of what we did each day.

Thursday August 6th:
Traveled. We flew from Salt Lake to San Francisco to Toronto to Halifax. We got to Halifax at about midnight their time so we hung out with everyone for a minute, then went to sleep.
Friday August 7th:
We drove out to this beach called Blomidon. It has the biggest changing tide. We started walking out to the water and our shoes were getting super muddy. So we took off our shoes and walked to the water. We put our shoes far from the shore so that our shoes wouldn't get wet. Well, a few minutes later the water had risen and we had to move our shoes again, and again, and again. After spending some time at this beach and then cleaning off our muddy shoes, we drove to Cape Split. It was a 10 mile hike round trip. We started off the hike thinking it would be more of a walk. We were mistaken. It was pretty steep. Then we made it to a tree that said "1/2 way". We were so excited! Thinking that this really wouldn't be that bad. Well the trail started leveling out into a walk and then would have quite a few steep places. That 1/2 way mark was a total LIE! I guess someone thought that would be a funny joke. Then trail was NEVER ENDING!!! What seemed like more than 5 miles later, we made it to the top and the view was so worth it! The view was amazing! We hung out at the top for a while then made the 5 mile trek back to the car.

Saturday August 8th:
We went to a little fisherman's shop and bought some live lobster for dinner. We dropped off the lobster at the house and then drove to the farmer's market.
Have you ever been to a farmer's market with this view?!

We walked around and ate some pierogis and canelés (don't know what that is? Click here and prepare to have your mouth water). Braden and I are going to try making them ourselves. We'll let you know how that goes.
After than we went to the waterfront. They had a lot of food and souvenir shops right along the shore. There are two foods that we had in Canada that Braden LOVES. Donairs and Poutine. While we were there we also got to see a bagpipe performance.

stomping on goomba

Sunday August 9th:
We went to church and got to be a part of our niece's baby blessing which was really fun.
Then we went to the farmers market... again. Braden and I had seen a framed picture the day before that I REALLLLLLY wanted. But it was too big and too much $$$ and the owners told us they could make us a smaller version of it and we could pick it up the next day. So we went back, looked for some more canelés (but they were all gone) and then picked up our picture.  While they were getting everything ready I looked around at all of the other pictures and found another one that I REALLLY liked and then I couldn't decide which one to get! After contemplating I decided to get the original one I wanted. So they packed it up for me and I was about to pay when Braden found a small print (no frame) of the other picture I wanted. I told him I didn't need it, we already got one, we don't need two... and he was just like GET IT! Then the lady was like "give it to me", she put it in the bag and we left. She didn't charge us (for that one). Haha. So now, I have BOTH of the pictures I wanted.
Once we got our pictures, we went back to the house, got everyone else, and then drove to Peggy's Cove.  It was raining and cold but sooo fun. Peggy's Cove, by description, is a coastal lobstering town. It is out in the Atlantic Ocean and has a working light house. It is a cute little town with the most colorful houses. We took some pictures, Braden took an awesome one that I want to frame, walked around, and went to the souvenir shop, of course. This was my favorite place that we went to on our trip.

Monday August 10th:
Tim Horton Donuts for breakfast. We all know that I loved this part. They had an amazing Boston Creme donut and a Maple Donut filled with custard that was really good too. Our belly's were full, and we made the long drive to Cape Breton. Cape Breton is an island on the northern side of Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is so pretty. Trees are everywhere. Seriousy. Driving on the freeway all you can see are trees. And you can't see anything past the trees because there are so many of them. Everywhere we drove to while we were there was so green and so pretty. On our way to Cape Breton we stopped at a place called Acropole and had the best pizza. We made it to the cute, little, old house that we were staying at. SOOO close to the ocean. We walked to a dock and hung out there for a while, and Braden walked on the rocks and almost fell into the water when the big waves came. We went to a golf course restaurant along the coast for dinner then went sea glass hunting on the beach, in the rain.

The view from our room. AMAZING.

outdoor shower

5 minute walk from the house we were staying at

Tuesday August 11th:
We went to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park and hiked the Skyline Trail. Well, I guess that this was more of a walk. It's called the Highlands National Park because the Scottish settlers thought it resembled the highlands in Scotland. So as you can imagine, it was a beautiful place. We drove in and they gave us some pamphlets about the place. One of the pamphlets gave us tips on what we should do if we encountered a coyote, bear, or MOOSE! I was really hoping we'd see a moose. And yes, I kept that brochure. It was a 5 mile trail and it was really pretty. Towards the end there was a long board walk and then a beautiful view of the ocean. On our way back we noticed people ahead of us had stopped and were looking at something. A moose?! YES! Two moose actually. We only saw their butts and part of their back but hey, we saw moose.
On our drive back to the house we got some ice cream, then got into our swim suits and went to the beach. The water was FREEZING! Braden had never been in the Atlantic Ocean and neither has baby P. So we both said we had to get in the water ALL the way. I was regretting that decision the moment my feet touched the water. After inching myself in slowly, the water was up to my waist and I just went under. SO COLD! But now, we have all been in the Atlantic Ocean, I guess that's a cool thing.
Moose crossing


Wednesday August 12th:
We woke up, had breakfast, packed everything up, and then drove to the other side of Cape Breton. The drive was so pretty. Again, trees everywhere, nothing else but trees, it was rainy, and foggy. We drove through the Highlands National Park, stopped at a place for dinner where Braden had the best burger he has ever eaten. Then we stopped at a little shop called Tartans and Treasures. They had tartans in over 600 clans. Braden got a tie in his family's clan tartan.
Once we got to the hotel, we brought all of our stuff in, then made our way to Walmart. We loaded up on Canadian candy and got our favorite maple cookies. We got dinner at Tim Hortons (yes, the donut shop but they sell food too), then went to the hotel's swimming pool.

Thursday August 13th: 
Our last day in Nova Scotia :(
We woke up, had breakfast at the hotel, packed up, and went to The Fortress of Louisbourg. It is an 18th century French Fortress on Cape Breton Island. It is a living history museum where all of the workers are dressed up and act as if they were living back in those times. It didn't feel like a museum at all, once we walked in we felt like we were there in the 18th century. We walked around and looked at all of the buildings, we also saw military drills where they fired muskets and cannons. We found a little french bakery where they sold three kinds of bread. White bread for the rich folk, half white/half wheat for the middle class, and wheat/rye bread for the working class.
Once we were done exploring the fort, we got back in the car and drove to Halifax. We ate our last dinner in Nova Scotia at the Swiss Chalet.

Friday August 14th:
We woke up at 3:30 am Nova Scotia time (12:30 am Utah time), and went to the airport. Our first layover was in Toronto. We landed in Toronto and had 20 minutes until our next plane was boarding and we had to go through customs... We were going to miss our flight. We got off, went to customs and stood in a huge line. The people behind us were complaining that their flight was leaving in 30 minutes, ours was leaving in 5. We finally made it through and ran to security. Longest line ever. I was freaking out, our plane was leaving, and we weren't going to make it. After standing in line for 10 minutes a lady yells "last call for flight ..." which was ours so we rose our hand, she took us to the front of the line and she radioed the gate. The people at the gate said that once we get through security that we are going to have to RUN, because of course the gate we needed to get to was the furthest one away. We were standing behind people that already had their things on the conveyer belt, their shoes were off and they were about to go through the metal detector. The lady asks "do you mind if these people go in front of you? Their plane is leaving right now" of course no one answers. "She's PREGNANT! She needs to go in front of you!" haha. So we went in front of them. We put our stuff through and walked through the metal detector and I get flagged for a random search. I tell the lady "look, that's fine, but they are holding the plane for us". She asks if it's okay for her to pat me down, I say yes, then she asks if it's okay to do it right there, I say yes. Finally, she's done. We get our things and we RUN. Well after running for a while I couldn't run anymore. I told Braden to run ahead and tell them I'm on my way. He got to the gate and said "my pregnant wife can't run anymore, but she's coming". I got to the gate and apologized and they were like "hey, you're running for two! You're fine!" At least they were nice. We made our plane. But for some reason we still didn't leave for another 30 minutes. So of course, our next flight got in late and we had 20 minutes to get on our next flight. We didn't have to go through customs, luckily, but of course, our gate was the furthest one away, yet again. So we sped walked (I had shin splints or something, I COULDN'T run or speed walk really haha). We got to our gate, we were the last ones on the plane. But we made it, again. We got to Utah around 2:30, went to my parents, gave them Canadian candy that they had requested and drove back to Logan. We were EXHAUSTED! 3 hours of sleep in the last 40 hours. We knew we had to stay awake at least until 9 pm to get rid of the jet lag. Well at 7:30 pm we decided to just take a little nap. We set our alarm for one hour. The alarm went off (I didn't hear it), Braden turned it off because he was thinking "why the heck is my alarm on?" and went back to sleep.  Then we woke up at 6:30 am haha. So hopefully we can get back on track soon because we both go back to work TOMORROW! AHHH. So not ready.

We both thought we deserved an expensive treat on the plane after all of our running around.

Some souvenirs 

For baby boy.

Braden's tartan clan tie


  1. Thanks for this post and all the great pictirrs

  2. This was a very interesting read! I think a lot of people believe that Canada is just like a colder USA, but there are so many differences. I went to Halifax last year with my American husband and we had a great time. I would have been totally lost if I hadn't read some experiences from other travellers first!