Monday, July 27, 2015

Working at Home

It's 10:00 am on a Monday morning and I have already gotten so much done! I've already straightened up the house, exercised (I think my pepper spray is leaking because my hand is on fire!), had my morning smoothie and protein drink, and I worked on school stuff!

Remember when I said that my school would be closed for cleaning? Well that has officially started. July 20th - August 2nd. And we go to Canada on the 6th! So, I really don't have much time left.
I met with my team last week and I now have added a lot to my "to do" list. Things that I need copied, stapled, and laminated! Things I can't do from home! So I'm just setting everything up here then I'll go in on the 3rd and print, copy, staple, and laminate... for hours.

I knew I wouldn't be very productive at home so I decided to set everything up and just get started. And let me tell you I have gotten A LOT done in just a few hours this morning! I'm pretty proud of myself.

I find it easier to work when things look nice.

✓ handwriting book
 count to 1,000 book
✓ back to school night
✓ create weekly homework page
letter to mail home before school starts
classroom management plan
new student packets
A to Z books
math centers

Now, it's time to grocery shop and fold A LOT of laundry...


  1. Love your laptop background! I thought this picture was from Pinterest or something- so cute!

    1. Thank you! I did steal the background from pinterest though… ;)