Saturday, July 4, 2015

When We Found Out We Were Pregnant

Be prepared, if you don't want to hear every little detail then you may want to skip this...

Braden and I had a really good plan. We were going to start trying to get pregnant in August or September so that I would have the baby over the summer and I wouldn't have to take maternity leave and write weeks of sub plans. Starting in November and December of last year, we would go to church and listen to baby blessings and I would just get super emotional! I hardly ever cry for no reason. So Braden was asking me what was wrong and I just said nothing.. letting him think I was just touched by the spirit. Well, this kept happening every SUNDAY! A baby blessing, watching the baby in front of us play, seeing mothers with their baby, basically if I saw a baby I cried. So on the way home from church one day in January I told Braden that I think we needed to start trying. He totally agreed, we would have had a baby 9 months after we got married if it was up to him! Haha. (We BOTH have always been super baby hungry but we knew it wasn't the right time.) I asked him if he had had any feelings lately and he said not really, but it feels right and it's the right thing to do no matter what time so the Lord will help us through it. So really, just like that, we decided that I would stop taking birth control and we would start trying!

The first month of trying I didn't have my period on time. We went to Saint George with Braden's family and we hid some pregnancy tests so that we could take them over the weekend. I woke up one morning, took the test, and it was negative. I waited two more days and took another one, still negative. On the box it says to call your doctor after one week if the tests results are negative but you still haven't started your period. I called a doctor and set up an appointment. TWO weeks late! and still not pregnant! I had to be one of those people that pee on a stick and just won't get a positive test result even though I am pregnant. The day of my appointment I came home from school and got ready to go and realized that my period had started.... great. Well do I still go to the doctor? or do I cancel last minute and get charged with a fee. I ended up going and just asked her questions about what I should do as I prepare for a baby. Starting my period and knowing that I FOR SURE wasn't pregnant was devastating. I had a really hard time holding myself together during the appointment and was kind of depressed for the whole weekend.

The second month I told myself that I wasn't going to get my hopes up so high because it was so hard last month. I wouldn't take a test until week 6 because my cycle was super weird last month. After 5 weeks and 2 days I was spotting just a teeny, tiny, bit. So there it was, I wasn't pregnant. But that was it. I never started my period. I was super confused but still, I wasn't getting my hopes up. 5 more days and if I didn't start my period I would take a test. Friday night came and Braden and I went and bought some pregnancy tests. I woke up Saturday morning (April 18th, 2015) and peed on the stick. Braden was still asleep. For all of the other tests I would stare at the stick for 3 minutes until the results were there. This time I started watching it and only saw one line :( then I walked away and set my phone timer for 3 minutes. I came back and... THERE WERE TWO LINES! I ran to the bedroom and woke Braden up and yelled "I'M PREGNANT!!!" He jumped up and gave me a hug and then I bawled like a baby. I was pregnant! What?! Such an amazing feeling. Braden and I were so excited and wanted to tell everyone but we also wanted to hold it in a little longer and tell people in a cute way. We spent that Saturday with Braden's ENTIRE family celebrating his Grandpa's birthday. Holding that secret in was so hard! The party was at a park and we had to keep going on walks or walk away just so we could talk about it haha. That helped a little. We ended up telling our parents over FaceTime the next day because we couldn't keep it a secret.

We copied one of our engagement pictures for our announcement :)

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  1. Ah so,cute! Congratulations again, I am so excited for you!