Sunday, July 5, 2015

First Trimester

After finding out we were pregnant I got online to see how far along I was. I typed in the first day of my last period and it said I was 7 weeks along and that baby P was due December 04. I downloaded every pregnancy app out there and followed the progress of our baby. The next Monday I called my doctor and scheduled my first appointment for when I was at 11ish weeks. Well, 4 days before my appointment I noticed a little bit of spotting. I was a little scared so I called my doctor and made an appointment for right after school. I picked up Braden and we were on our way. I felt surprisingly calm, I knew everything was going to be okay, but for some reason I was just expecting her to give me the worst news. I peed in a cup, got weighed, they took us into a room and there we sat, and waited, for what seemed like an eternity, for the doctor to walk in. Finally, she came in and said "Well, did you know you were pregnant?" Okay, good sign. That means the pregnancy test came out positive. I then explained to her why I came in 4 days early and then I got an ultrasound. She applied the cold gel, started spreading it around, looking at the screen that I couldn't see, I warned her that I might cry (I was excited and nervous). "Well, were you expecting triplets?" I WAS HORRIFIED!!!! "What?!" "I'm just kidding, there's only one in there. You said you might cry so I lightened the mood." That was so mean, but funny, but mean. Braden was laughing, I wasn't. But I can laugh about it now. Anyway, she turned the monitor around so that Braden and I could see our little baby and it's heartbeat. Everything was okay. I was soooo relieved. She measured our baby and according to the measurements I was only 8 weeks along. That was a little depressing but I was glad that the baby was okay. They took a lot of my blood and then scheduled my next appointment for 6 weeks out.

First Trimester Update

How far along: weeks 1-13

How big is the baby: At week 13 baby P was the size of a peach

Sleep: from about weeks 5-7 I was waking up EVERY day at 4am. If I was lucky I was able to fall back asleep after about an hour. Luckily that little phase went away. I don't know if that was due to pregnancy or stress but it's over now.

Cravings: NOTHING until week 12. Then all I wanted was MILK! The first day of craving milk I drank a half gallon! Braden also took me to Gossners to get some different kinds of milk to satisfy my craving. Before that I actually had really bad food aversions. From weeks 5-8 I had a REALLY hard time finding something to eat. Braden and I would either drive down main street until some fast-food place sounded good or we would walk up and down every isle in Smith's until something sounded good. If I didn't eat I got super sick, but I wasn't able to eat anything! It was super frustrating! I threw a few temper tantrums about that.
From weeks 8-13 I was able to eat a lot better. There were a few specific things that I absolutely couldn't eat or even stand the sight of like bacon (I know, saddest thing to not be able to eat), beans and rice, trail mix, ginger ale, saltines. (typing this now is still making me want to throw up). All of those foods sounded good to me when I first started getting sick so that's all I ate. I think I just ate them too much that now the thought of them makes me gag. Okay, onto the next point, I'm starting to feel a little queasy.
But MILK. I LOVE MILK! At week 15.5 (which I am now) I still I LOVE IT.

Feeling: I still don't get why it's called morning sickness. Someone seriously needs to change the name. I'm glad school is finally over because it was rough surviving morning sickness AND having to teach a class of 30 students who are all wound up because it's the end of school. Morning sickness hit me at week 6 and started getting better at week 11. I was hoping it would go away once it got better but I still have horrible days and some okay days. Honestly, the days that I woke up and felt okay I got a little nervous "why aren't I sick?! is everything okay?!" At week 12 morning sickness was pretty much gone. There is just an hour or two in the evening when I felt nauseated. I am so tired all of the time. I have to take a nap everyday to survive.

It still doesn't even feel real to me. I loved seeing our little baby at 8 weeks but that was 7 weeks ago! I want to see baby P again! I think it will seem more real once I start showing. Right now I feel like I just look chubby, and that's not fun.

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