Friday, July 17, 2015

Classroom Update

Teachers are so lucky. They get paid year round for only 9 months of work! And they get holidays off!
Yeah, right...
First of all, we get paid crap. And second of all, I went in every single holiday and break we had last year to get work done!

I guess I could just take the summer off and never go in on holidays and not do anything but my life would be a whole lot more stressful!  My plan this year is to be super organized, keep original copies of EVERYTHING, and make an organized filing system. That way, next summer when I have the cutest little baby ever, I won't have to spend so much time at the school! I will already have everything done!

I am mostly done with decorating, I have all the fabric and borders up on my bulletin boards. I spent a lot of money last year on getting cute little decorations like owl vases with flowers and such. And I am just over it. I don't want to spend my own money! So my plan is to make my room dang cute with as little money coming out of my pocket as possible.  Now I'm just waiting for school to start so that I can have the other second grade teachers tell me what I should and shouldn't keep that was left behind from the other teacher. That way I can declutter my room and make it look nicer and cleaner.

I wanted to share with you a few things I have been working on and I am super proud of them.
The first thing is ABSENT FOLDERS. Last year I would have a student absent and I would totally forget to give them their missing work. So the morning they got back I'd have to hurry and put everything together. By the end of the year I got a little better at it. But they would just have piles on their desk and it just didn't look nice. This year I decided to make some folders dedicated to absent work. I made 6, hopefully I won't have more than 6 students absent at once... I printed off this cute cover page from teacherspayteachers and then added my name and "please finish and return". I then glued the cover page to a manilla folder and laminated it!
I was going to put "Mrs. Probst" in one apple and then "Second Grade" in the other. But I decided that this is something I want to reuse! So now I can use them in any grade I teach! I was pretty proud of that.

The second thing I made was "Early Finisher Packets". Last year I had some high students that would finish their work super fast and then would ask what they should do next. This year I didn't want that to happen. So I put together some packets. Each packet contains worksheets in phonics, writing, reading & comprehension, math, social studies, and science. Each packet is a TINY bit harder than the one before it. I started out with only making 3 because this should take them a while to complete. Probably a few weeks.
I made the cover page all on my own and I am pretty proud of it.

Braden came by the school and helped me make pom poms and hang them up (I'm too short, and he's a great helper) 

Today I went in and finished organizing things. THE SCHOOL IS GOING TO BE CLOSED UNTIL AUGUST 3RD!!! The janitor is cleaning the carpets and doesn't want people coming in and dirtying them (totally understandable). So now everything I need/want to do I have to do from home which means I am going to be a little less productive. I brought home a lot of books and material that I want to go over.
I can't wait to finish my room and show you all!

I feel like I am finally getting things together and it feels so good. Remember last year when I only had 4 days to get ready for school to start? Yeah, it was insane. I was drowning in work and didn't catch a break until about November.  That's when I finally felt like I knew what I was doing. I DON'T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN AGAIN! So now that I have more realistic expectations of how hard a teacher's job is, I am getting ready for it.

Does anyone else have some good ideas that I can start working on? 
Here is my to-do list so far (with links showing my ideas/pinterest's ideas):
-Birthdays (I'm obsessed with this idea)
-Door. I'm going to do this

I am loving this new feeling of productivity. Glad this second trimester has given me my energy back. Now if only I could learn how to sleep through the entire night...

P.S. Is it bad that I love decorating and organizing my room more than teaching? Maybe people should just hire me to decorate and organize their rooms during the summer. I'd love that. Please tell me that's a job.

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