Thursday, July 16, 2015

Baby Girl Dream Catcher

We find out baby's gender in 3 WEEKS! I am way too excited. But I'm actually more excited to just see our little baby. We haven't seen baby since week 8 when it looked like nothing... 
I am getting too impatient not being able to make things or buy things for baby. So last week when I was at Hobby Lobby I decided that I was going to make something! Last night I made a cute dream catcher for baby, if it's a girl. Next week I will make a more manly one haha. But for now, here is a little tutorial of how I made this one.

- Round metal ring
- Mod Podge
- Glitter
- Fabric
- String
- Beads
- Scissors
- Feathers
- Lace 
-Hot glue gun

First, I covered some of my feathers in glitter.  I used a brush and painted some mod podge on it then put it in glitter.

Then, I let it try while I made the rest of the dream catcher.

Then I cut the fabric into one inch pieces and just wrapped it around the hoop.

I glued both ends together with a hot glue gun.

Then I used my hemp cord to do the design in the middle.  I followed this youtube video. I started watching another one and it was SUPER confusing. But once I started watching this one it was a lot easier.

Then I got way into making the dream catcher that I forgot to take other pictures...
So this is the final product but basically I just got string, glued feathers on to in, then glued that onto the dream catcher. I had random lace, and beads that I glued onto it as well.  In the middle is December's stone.  I'll put it on to the boy dream catcher if baby is a boy. But right now this is hanging in baby's nursery and it is starting to feel that much more real!

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