Friday, February 13, 2015

School and Some School Love

This week has been CRAZY!
On Monday we prepped for our END OF THE YEAR writing test.  We worked really hard and went over all of the steps.  Testing was on Tuesday and Wednesday.  My students worked so hard! I am so proud of them.  Now, no more testing until the end of April.
On Tuesday there was a birthday in my class.  Birthday boy's mom came to school with some donuts.  I had her come in and sit down and I saw a HUGE donut that I assumed was for her son, the birthday boy.  We sang happy birthday and then the birthday boy and his mom started passing out donuts to everyone while I hurried around making sure they put on hand sanitizer first.
Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see birthday boy getting on to one knee with the giant donut in his hand.  He asked his crush to be his valentine! Let's call her, Katie.  After much blushing and giggling, Katie said yes.

This kid knew what he was doing, using donuts to get to a girls heart.
Well played.

The following morning, Katie came to school with a poster that had her answer spelled out.  She carefully left the poster on his desk so he could see it when he walked in.  He didn't show up.  The late bell rang and I was upset that he wasn't there! Today was the Valentine's Tea at school and he wasn't there! So I decided that I would call his house during lunch telling him to get over here!  Well, he did end up coming.  He just woke up a little late.  So they were able to go to the Valentine's Tea as a couple.

What is the Valentine's Tea? Well, each boy gets a girl partner.  They link arms as they walk to the library where everything is all set up.  We take a picture as a class, then the boys take the girls to a table and pull out their chairs for them.  They had a cup of water and a brownie with ice-cream and a strawberry.  When they are done eating, they line up, link arms again, and walk back to class.
That's a little embarrassing for 5th graders.  But they did a good job following directions.

Then we had our Valentine's Class Party yesterday. We made Valentine boxes the day before.  Here is mine, thank you Pinterest.

I'm kind of proud of it, and our school mascot is an owl, so it's perfect.

Anyway, the kids came in the morning and put their Valentine's into each other's boxes. I got candy, chocolates, cards (which were my favorite, their little notes are the sweetest!), candles, body spray, stuffed animals, balloons, stickers, chocolate roses, and so much more.  I got more for our Valentine's Party than for Christmas.  These kids really must like Valentine's Day.

After passing out our Valentine gifts, we played a few games, and Braden showed up with some sugar cookies for everyone.  Then I had to tell them they couldn't eat any more candy which just about broke their hearts.  I didn't want them to get sick, and I didn't want them to get too crazy.

Wednesday and Thursday we had parent teacher conferences.  Which means, I have to stay at the school until 8! I got to the school at 7 in the morning and had to stay until 8 at night.  That makes two super long days. I always get nervous right before parent teacher conferences, thinking that parents are going to be mad at me for some reason.  But I always end up liking them.  It's fun to meet parents and talk to them about how good their child is doing in school.  Then you see their parents faces light up because they are so proud of their child.  The days are long, but they are so worth it.

This job was really hard for me at the beginning of the year. I hadn't done student teaching and I was kind of just thrown into this job.  I wasn't confident and I had no idea what I was doing.  I woke up super early every day so that I could got to the school at 5:30 to prep and then I'd stay late until 5:00.  The days were long and I was just barely making it through.  I had a student that was really hard behavior-wise and I didn't know how to deal with it.
I can tell you now, that I absolutely love what I do.  The kids are fun, I know how to manage my classroom now, I'm not staying late or going in early anymore.  I'm more confident and I have grown really close to my students.  We race, we joke, they write me letters, I write them back.  They are so fun.  I'll be super sad when they move on to sixth grade.

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