Sunday, November 30, 2014


For the past two years I have run the Smithfield Turkey Trot.  As long as I live in Cache Valley I will run this race EVERY year.  It's a short race, which I like, and I am in love with the shirts that they design every year.
This is the shirt I got this past Thanksgiving.

Braden and I were lucky enough to get TWO Thanksgivings this year.
Before we drove down to Kaysville for our first Thanksgiving feast at Braden's parents, I went on a quick run to make me feel a little better about what I was about to eat.
I wanted to dress festive so I wore the Turkey Trot shirt from 2013

Now you see why I will run this race every year.  Start a new tradition and run it with me this year!

This year it was our turn to spend Thanksgiving and Braden's parents.  His parents make a fried turkey that is DIVINE! Our assignment was to bring pie and a veggie.  We made a Marie Calendar's Blueberry Sour Cream Pie and a Pumpkin Pie, and fried zucchini for our veggie.

We went Black Friday shopping, and got A LOT of our Christmas shopping done.

Then we celebrate our second Thanksgiving at my parents on Saturday.  They have it on a different day so that everyone can be together.  I won't complain.  My parents made two turkeys.  An oven baked one, and a smoked one! And it was so good!  Our assignment was PIE! I had a hard time deciding on just one so I made THREE!

Blueberry Sour Cream, Maple Pumpkin, and Coconut Cream.
ALL SO GOOD! But unfortunately, I was so full on the meal that I could barely eat any of the pie! So I just had a bite of each.

Do you have any fun Thanksgiving traditions?

xo, Kiana

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