Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy New Year!

Instead of staying up until midnight and hanging out by ourselves, we decided to drive down to Salt Lake and hang out with my family. We had dinner, watched TV, and played some games. When midnight came around we had shot glasses of sparkling cider, and went to bed. Let's be honest, if I could go to bed everyday at 8:00 I totally would. So staying up until midnight was really hard. Once it turned into 2015 I was off to bed.

Yes, this was self-timered.  Yes, this was taken in the middle of the day.
But he was still my New Year's kiss and we're cute, so it's fine.
Also, I made that banner and I'm pretty dang proud of it.

A few years ago my mom introduced us girls to one of the best sales of the year. Dillard's. Everything is on sale. Last year I got a $300 Tru Vero purse for $60. This year I decided I was going to look for some brown REAL leather boots. The thing is, the doors open at 10:00 and people start lining up hours early and then it is like a stampede.  You really have to run people over and fight for what you want.  I walked in, looked at the purses and they were ALL gone! Within the first two minutes! All gone! INSANE.  People just grab and go and then sell what they bought on eBay. It's super unfair.  So, knowing that, how was I going to make it up the escalator and to the shoes and find something, let alone something I liked? I'm a size 7, the most popular shoe size.  I knew everything would be gone and the line for the escalator was not moving fast enough.
I finally got upstairs and to my surprise, there were still boots. But they were everywhere! Boxes scattered all over the floor, with no boots inside them.  I was walking on top of the boxes on the floor and trying to politely say excuse me.  That didn't work so I had to fend for myself.  I'd find a super cute boot! But where was the left one?  I grabbed every pair I liked then found a quiet place, far away to try them on and sort through them.
I found two I liked but couldn't make up my mind.  So I bought both and then I was going to have Braden help me decide on which one to keep and then I'd return the other one.  He wasn't very much help because he told me just to keep both of them.  Well after much contemplation, I did decide to keep both.  I got two pair of REAL leather boots for $100! When together, they would have been $350 originally priced.

Good choice? I think so.  I don't regret it.
I'd say it was a successful New Year's Day shopping spree.

Up next: New Year Resolutions. 

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