Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I still can't believe it.  I AM GRADUATED!
I am now a USU alumni and it feels great. But it wasn't an easy journey.
In August 2010 I moved to an unfamiliar city with no family and no friends.  I moved in to an apartment with four other girls, three of whom already knew each other from high school.  I was scared and insecure.
I declared a major in Psychology with a minor in Spanish.  After studying for my Psychology 1010 final for weeks I walked out crying, knowing I had failed it.  I called my parents and they suggested that maybe Psychology wasn't for me.  So, I took their advice and I prayed about it.  I had decided that I would major in Spanish and teach high school.  Well, two semesters later, and part way into my major, I decided that I didn't want to teach Spanish.  I picked up my phone and called my parents yet again.  This time I didn't have a back up plan.  I didn't know what I wanted to do.  I wanted to pick something easy so that I could just be done with school.  I signed up for Accounting, Sociology, and Nutrition hoping one of them would spark my interest.  Well, I dropped Accounting after two weeks because it made absolutely no sense to me.  Sociology was just too sad, and Nutrition was fun, but not my thing.  Again, I called my parents unsure of what to do.  All I knew was that I wanted something easy so I could be done.  My dad suggested dental hygine because it only takes 18 months, but there is a lot of science involved and I'm not good at that.  My mom always said I would be a great Elementary teacher, but little kids just didn't sound fun to me, I didn't want to babysit kids all day, that's why I wanted a degree in Secondary Education.  But then I thought, "okay I just need to pick something".  So, I declared a major... again. Elementary Education with a minor (and a little more) in Spanish and an ESL endorsement.

 Before I move on, I just need to let you know that I did have the best roommates for two years!

Let me tell you, nothing about this major was easy.  Long hours, a lot of homework and projects and presentations, a lot of lesson planning, a lot of studying, a lot of tests, a lot of late nights.
Still unsure of the major, but I had no other back up plans.  I was interested in NOTHING. I just wanted to be done!  I pushed through it, doubting myself many, many times.
Then I got my teaching job and it is HARD, so hard.  Long hours, lots of students, lots of work, little money, constant exhaustion.  But I know now that this is what I am supposed to do.  It is hard, really hard.  And some days I still doubt myself and my decision.  But the feeling of having my students succeed, working with each and everyone of them and helping them succeed is totally worth it.
I hate when people say, what are you majoring in? Oh ELED, just like every other LDS wife.  No.  This is a hard job.  I thought it was going to be easy and a lot of people think it's easy.  But let me tell you it is not.  I work 50-60 hours a week.  And I only get paid for 40 of them.  And I don't get paid a lot for those 40 hours.  I am in the school every day of the week.  It takes a lot of time and preparation and dealing with 29 ten year olds is not an easy task.  But like I said, it is totally worth it.
And now, I AM GRADUATED.  This is the greatest feeling in the world.



xo, Kiana

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