Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Classroom Organization

Everything about my new teaching position has been crazy.  But I'll tell you one of my favorite things: because of my lack of student teaching... I have had the opportunity to observe other teachers.  What does that mean? Well, I get a sub for the day to cover my class, tedious work I tell you, and I go watch teachers teach.  It is so FUN! I get so many neat ideas that I want to implement into my classroom right away! But I can't, not just yet.
I did some observing yesterday, Monday, and I loved it. I wish I could do this every year of teaching. I have seriously learned so much by doing it! But then again, I have a lot to learn.
Anyway, so ever since Monday I have been Pinterest-ing (that's a verb now right? Like Google-ing) classroom organization and I am obsessed! Let me just show you a few things that I want to do :)

Well first of all, I am making the change from tables to desks. I need to do it.  Tables are so big, and inconvenient, and messy.  I need desks.  So hopefully that will happen over the weekend, I am excited.  Who gets excited about desks? Well, uhmm, ME!
You teachers out there, do you prefer desk or tables?

Next, my classroom is just meh, not too cute, just kind of there. I like cute things! So why the heck is my classroom not cute? I don't know, because I have been busy getting this teaching thing down.  I think I finally have this teaching thing down so it's time to decorate just a little. 

Here goes my first question.
Rainbow? Or bue, black, and white?

Our school colors are blue and white but I also really like the super colorful theme.  What do you think?

Now here are just a few fun decorations and organization things :)
I need to add these ASAP!

Do you have any great organization tips that I need to know?


  1. First off. LOVE your new blog design. It looks so good!! The second classroom picture is my favorite for sure. It's super cute but not overwhelming. Oh and that readbox idea is genius. So fun!

    1. Thank you so much! I think the second picture is my favorite too! Hopefully I can get my classroom looking cute super soon!