Monday, September 1, 2014

A Little Update on Life

Yes, I am the worst blogger in the world.  Honestly I go through phases, sometimes I'm like, "I need to blog about everything!" and then other times I'm like, "This is more of a journal for me and I'm only going to blog about important things".
So yes, I am a horrible blogger and I'm sorry? But really, you probably don't care anyway.

There has been a HUGE change in the life of Kiana and Braden Probst and I decided that I would blog about it!  About three weeks ago the principal at the school I was going to be working at called me to inform me that a 5th grade teacher had just quit.  He was wondering if I would be interested in the job.  He told me that he would prefer someone who had more experience but that he could see the potential in me and knew I would be a great teacher and was wondering if I would be interested.  This was HUGE! I told him I needed to talk it over with my husband and that I would let him know before the day was over.  Well, Braden was at work and I was freaking out.  So naturally I called my parents FREAKING out!  They were super excited for me and thought that I should accept.  Well after that I got so nervous, was I really going to do this? And I still had to wait a few more hours for Braden to get off, but I COULDN'T wait! I wanted to tell him NOW! At 6:20 he finally got off!  I told him what had happened and he also was so excited! He was so confident in me, even though I was so unsure of myself.  We talked and prayed, a lot, and I called my principal back telling him I was interested.  The next day was the interview. Me and four other applicants.  He told me that the decision would be made by the next morning.
I had told my work that I may have to quit depending on if I got this job.  Well my principal called that night, he told me that I was by far the best interviewer but that he was able to find someone else that had experience teaching fifth grade.
I was a little bummed but oh well.  I tried and I did my best.
So I called my work the next morning and told them that I wasn't quitting and that I would be in the next day.  Braden and I spent the day in Bear Lake with his family and some friends.  We were about to go ride the wave runner when I checked my phone and I had a missed call and a text from my principal asking me if I was still interested.  He had called two hours ago so I hurried and called him back, no answer.  I texted him telling him I was interested and to call me back.  We didn't go on the wave runner because I wanted to be able to answer my phone.  After about an hour of waiting I figured I called back too late and he probably already found someone.  So Braden and I went out to the lake on the wave runner.  Just as we were driving back to shore my phone rang (I have a water proof case).  Braden stopped the wave runner out in the lake and I answered the phone.  Turns out that girl that got the job realized it wasn't the best situation for their family right now and that she couldn't do it.  I got the job! (I had to call my other job, again, and quit). 
I got the job on Wednesday and school started the following THURSDAY! I had 6 days to set up my classroom and get ready!
When I get stressed I cannot eat.  It just makes me so sick (I take after my dad), and I lost a lot of weight in those first two weeks and I am finally able to start eating again without getting sick.  I have had A LOT of help from family, friends, and my co-workers and I can't thank you all enough.  
The school had been painted during the summer so all the furniture (desks, tables, chairs, shelves, filing cabinets, you name it) was pushed into the middle of the room.  My principal and his sons had moved all the furniture around for me and set it all up.  I had "New Teacher" meetings all day Thursday and when I went to check out my classroom that evening it was all set up!
Then I had Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to get ready for the school year.  Braden and I got food, had a dinner date in my classroom, and decorated.  I have gotten boxes of books from friends and Braden's co-workers that I don't even know.  My family has been so generous and have given me money and school supplies to help me start out.
Thank you so much for all of your prayers and help.  I have been truly blessed.
This is going to be a super stressful but exciting year and I cannot wait! It is going to be a fun experience.


  1. I am so happy for you! That is so neat! But girl!!! Get eating! You can't lose any weight!

  2. I'm glad you blogged about this! And I'm glad you've been getting so much help! That's cute that the principal and his sons helped move the furniture around :)

    1. Yeah, it was sooo nice! And it saved me and Braden a few hours of work!