Sunday, July 27, 2014

D.I.Y. Home Decor

Every time I go to someone's house I see all of the cute decor they have and I get a little jealous, except now I am feeling super proactive and I want to do all these crafts to make my home cute!
Last week Braden and I went through our entire apartment (which is really small) and threw away everything we didn't need (mostly school papers and notebooks from the past 2 years).  And in this last week I have some how managed to go to Hobby Lobby twice, Michaels 3 times, and Jo-Ann's once (mostly looking at cross-stitching stuff but that's beside the point).  At these stores I get all these ideas of different things I want to make and buy!
While I am feeling this way I decided to take advantage of it! And I am going to craft and decorate until my house is cute too or at least until school starts because then ain't nobody gonna have time for that.
So people in Logan, PLEASE CRAFT WITH ME! It's so much more fun when you have someone else to craft with! I will show you some of the things I want to do and then you will decide that you really want to craft with me.  I'll make cookies! (Now you'll really want to come because I have a secret chocolate chip cookie recipe from my Grandma that will blow your mind! As long as you aren't allergic to pecans).

Okay, so here are my ideas.

Instead of paying $60 dollars for these, couldn't we buy a grey pillow and use a bleach pen and write on them? The only thing is, my cursive is horrid! So I would need someone to help me out! :)

A fake flower arrangement.  I already bought the cutest blue and copper vase but now I need help strategically putting flowers in it and make it look cute!

Every glass vase or bowl that I own I want to paint gold, or white and gold, or blue and gold, or really any color with gold.  Do you like gold too? PERFECT! Then we can do this together!

A table runner.  This doesn't seem too hard. Get burlap and sew some lace on it.  I even have a sewing machine you can use! The only thing is, I forgot how to thread it... and I have watched a million youtube videos and I just can't seem to get it to work. So if you know how to thread a sewing machine, or fix one... HELP!

These would also be fun to make! But we need an etching tool... Does anyone have one of those? Or we can buy one for $20! So maybe we won't be doing this, but they are still super cute!

We also need a table lamp in our bedroom but I don't want to spend $50 on one.  Does anyone know of a cheap place to buy a lamp? Or, maybe we could go to the D.I. and fix it up and make it cute?

We could also make a floral crown, not for home decor but just because I want one. And really, who doesn't want one of these?

Or, we could cross stitch, talk, watch a movie, and eat cookies.

Seriously, I'm serious.  I need friends! I need friends to craft with :) so, let me know!


  1. I need to be more crafty! I'll do it! You have lots of cute ideas! :)

    1. Yay!!! Let's do it!!!! I am so excited!

  2. I would totally craft with you if we lived closer!! Let's just say I am super jealous you can be crafty! There is a craft store here in Sweden that is horrible, and everyone loves it. I just want to say, "I wish you REALLY knew what craft stores look like!!"

    1. We could Skype and do crafts together! That would still be fun! :)

  3. Lady everything I do is crafting hahs too bad you're so far away