Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our SECOND Anniversary

Braden and I just celebrated our second anniversary!  We went to Saint George and Vegas.
We started our drive on Thursday.

We started our trip off by stopping in Orem at this Waffle truck.

We then took a detour out in the middle of no where and swam in this natural hot spring.

At one of the springs they had these fish that ate off the dead skin on your feet, it tickled so much.
Definitely work the hour and a half detour.

Our second day we spent in Primm, which is like 20 minutes south of Vegas.
We went to Buffalo Bills Casino and rode the most terrifying roller-coaster I have ever been on.  It has one of the tallest and fastest drops in the US.  It is also in the top 10 roller-coasters in the country.  When I say terrifying, I don't mean that it gave me a huge adrenaline rush.  When we first got to the top of the roller-coaster and we started the way down I saw no end.  I didn't see the end of the roller-coaster.  Then finally there was a small hole that I saw, how the heck were we supposed to fit in it?  There were bars all around that I thought I was going to hit my head on, it rattled a lot, and I swear it jumped off the tracks at one point.  Braden and I both left with head aches from being shaken around so much.  Never again.

Then at the same casino I gambled for my first time.  I put in two dollars and lost $1.72.  I won back 28 cents.  It wasn't too exciting, can't say I will be doing that again.
We went to the casino across the street and saw Bonnie and Clyde's death car.

On our way to Vegas we stopped at a cactus and succulent garden.
Then we finally made it to Vegas.  We didn't have much to do there.  The only thing we wanted to do was to stop at Serendipity and have their frozen hot chocolate.  My family and I went to New York when I was younger and went to Serendipity there.  We have been obsessed with frozen hot chocolate ever since.  So, when we found out there was one in Vegas I had to go.
Then we just walked around Caesar's Palace and Bellagio.
Oh, and at Bellagio they had the world largest chocolate fountain! 
I need it in my future home.
Our last full day in Saint George a little more lazy.  We started our morning off with a hike to Red Cliff.  When I was looking it up online it said that there was a lot of water and so I was really excited.  Turns out, there wasn't that much.  There is usually a river running through it that you have to walk through and then there are small pools of water you can swim in too.  But when we got there most of the river was dried up.  But we still had fun.

There was a pool of water that we got in towards the end of our hike.  It was freezing cold and we stood there for a while before we built up the courage to get in,
After that we stopped for some breakfast.
S'more, Peach Pie, Blueberry Hill, and Caramel Bliss donuts.
Later that night we had a fun dinner at Benja's Thai, best restaurant I have ever been to.

Coconut, Sushi, and Mango Sticky Rice.
The Mango Sticky Rice was the best thing I have ever tasted.  Next time we go there I am ordering it as my meal instead of a dessert. 

On Sunday morning we packed everything up and made the long, long drive home.  What should have been a 5 and a half hour drive home, it turned out being a 9 and a half hour drive home.
It started snowing, at one point there was about two inches of slush on the road, there was a semi that turned over, a few wrecks, and there was a stand off where the shut down both sides of the freeway.

Happy Second Anniversary to us!

May 11, 2012
Marriage is the BEST!!!

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