Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Best Dog in the World

I haven't blogged in a long time and I have toyed with the idea of deleting it, but before I do that my dog, Misti, deserves a post :)

Misti has been in my life since I was 5 years old.  She has been in my life for 16 years.  Let's face it, she was more of a sister than a dog, she was family.

When she was first born she had to have heart surgery, that cost more than she did.  But it was totally worth it so that we could have her in our family for all of these years.
She is a toy poodle that weighed 9 pounds.  She was afraid of small dogs but felt superior to bigger dogs and would bark at them and bully them.  
Poodles are known for swimming right? Not her, she HATED water.  Bath time got so hard that we would have to get in our swim suits and get in the bath tub with her in order to keep her from jumping out.
She could tell when you were sick or sad, and she wouldn't leave your side until you felt better.
When there was an earthquake she would bark at the trees and bite the carpet.
She was the smartest dog in the world, she knew every trick in the book and then some.
She would cuddle with you and would get mad if you even moved an inch.
She hated people fighting on TV and she would bark at it, and she would bark at dogs on the TV as well.
She would try to sneak a bite of your food when you weren't looking.
She would get my mom's shoes while we were gone and lay on them to make it feel like we were with her.
She would get so excited when we came home, she would make it seem like we had been gone for days.
We spoiled her like crazy.  We celebrated her birthdays and made her biscuit cakes.  We would take her on walks and she would decide that she was too tired to walk anymore, so we would have to carry her home.  We would give up half of our beds so she could spread out and get comfortable.  She would wait for you to wake up and the second she saw your eyes open she would run up to your face and start licking you.
She would make sure that she was in a place in the house where she knew where everyone was and what they were doing.  If you were the only one home, then she would follow you every where you went.
She was an international dog that moved everywhere we did.  Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, and The United States.
This dog thought she was human.  She would sit at the table to eat if we let her...
I guess we did.

She would go all day without eating her dog food because she knew that we would give her people food.  Let's be real, that stuff is a lot better than dog food.

She made it in every picture.

Seriously, this dog is the best dog anyone could ever have.
When I was ten she saved my life.
Now here come the questions, how did she save my life?
Well when I was ten years old we lived in Chile, I was home alone one night only for about an hour.  I was tired and bored.
Someone started ringing the doorbell, and kept ringing it and ringing it for about 15 minutes.  I was scared and didn't wan't to answer the door, I thought it would be someone just begging for money or food (that was what they did there).  Scared, I called my dad crying.  He told me to turn on the lights and let my dog out so they knew someone was home.  I turned on the lights but I didn't let her out because I was scared and I needed her to protect me.  A little later I heard her barking, I went to find her and she was standing in front of our sliding glass door barking at nothing, maybe a bird?  So I went on and minded my own business.  A few minutes later I heard her barking again, so I went to see what she is barking at this time.  I walked around the house trying to find her and there she was barking in front of my parents bedroom door.  The door was closed but I could see underneath the door that the light was on, and then I heard noises, someone was in my parents bedroom.  Freaking out I grab the phone and call my dad and tell him.  He tells me to push the panic button (it sets off the alarm and notifies the police), then our phone call got disconnected.  I WAS FREAKING OUT! I grab Misti and hide in the kitchen until the police came, I ran out of the house and they ran in the house, but the robbers had already left.
My dog saved my life that night.  Who knows what would have happened if I fell asleep on the couch and they found me.
This dog is my hero.  She lived a long, and happy life and I cannot wait to see her again.
I could go on forever about memories with her and how she was such a great dog, but I guess I will end here.  Losing her is one of the hardest things I have gone through/am going through.  Who knew it would be this hard?  But it's like losing a sibling.  I know she is in a better place now and she is no longer suffering.  

 I love you Misti, you will be missed!

Misti Abril Nancollas
April 24, 1998 - February 11, 2014


  1. I'm so sorry to hear this! I know the heart break of losing your furry best friend. It really is heart aching but knowing they lived such an amazing life (and bettered yours), makes it better. You're a doll in your first picture:)

  2. I just saw your comment! And thank you!!! :)