Thursday, December 19, 2013

Snow Day

 Oh blogging.  Let's just say that we had a falling out and I don't know if I will ever really get back into it.  Let's be honest, the only reason I'm sitting here writing this post right now is because I am home alone and I can use Braden's computer (mine has a virus and is broken), and I have watched way too much Netflix today and I need a little break from cleaning the house.

So, want to see what I did on my snow day today?
Today started out like any other day.  The alarm goes off at 6:30am, we hit snooze a few times before we decide to get out of bed.  Once I'm awake enough I get out of bed and start getting ready for work when Braden mentions to me that it snowed.  I keep getting ready then go outside to get the car warmed up.  There was soooo much snow on the car!  I start scraping off the car then give up, there is NO way we are getting out of this driveway.  I walk back inside and tell Braden that I don't think we are going to be able to get out of the driveway without shoveling snow, and we don't have time to shovel snow.
He hadn't realized how much it had actually snowed.  He walks outside and agrees.  So me, being the horrible driver that I am, decides that I can't go in to work and I can't give Braden a ride, so he is going to have to walk to work.  SNOW, so much snow!  I decide to walk with him to work.

I had nothing else to do, snow is pretty, and if I go with him then I get breakfast.  So we walked to his work, I got breakfast, hung out for a little, then I walked on home.  I was cold and wanted to lay on the couch, snuggle up with a blanket, and watch a movie.  What movie did I choose to watch? "The Heart of Christmas", I cried for the entire movie.  So sad, never watching it again.  I was sick of crying so I decided to get up, be productive, and clean the house.
 Then Braden got home.  We watched some episodes on Netflix, then I got bored.  Braden asked me if I want to go play in the snow.  YES! I do!  There is a park right across the street from us that had untouched snow so we headed on over there.

Let's just say Braden had a little too much fun white washing me.  I don't think I was ever really off the ground.  But, it was really fun.  Cold, pretty, and fun.  After about an hour or so of that we decided to go inside, sit by the fire, get warm, then go get hot chocolate at Paradise Bakery.

Hot chocolate with sea salt caramel and chocolate chip marshmallows.  The perfect way to end our fun snow day.
Now I just have to get ready for our Christmas on Monday! Yeah... we celebrate Christmas early.  We spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with our families, so we like to celebrate our own little Christmas before we head down for the holidays.  We have our own "Christmas Eve" dinner, then on our "Christmas" we have stockings, breakfast, and presents.  So I need to make sure I have everything ready for that.  4 days!

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  1. Oh my! Colin and I watched The Heart of Christmas the other day too. BIG MISTAKE. It was so good, but we both cried basically the whole way through it (Don't tell Colin I told you that).