Friday, November 1, 2013


Braden and I aren't huge into dressing up, we try to just find a costume we can easily put together with clothes that we already have, so they usually aren't that creative.
This year we decided that we would try to do something more creative.
Braden's only request what that it be comfortable.  So I got on pinterest and searched for cute/creative/comfortable costumes.
One of Braden's friends, Riley, throws a Halloween party each year.
We dressed up as BURGLARS!
Yes, we stole this idea from pinterest.
And guess what, we won couples best costume! That was a surprise!

Then we had a Halloween party at my parents house with my whole family.
Not everyone dressed up, so this is a picture of everyone that did.
(pacman, chef, ghost, wonderman, burglars, gangsters, kickball league players)
We had dinner, dessert, and some games.

What did we do on Halloween? October 31st?
We live in a basement apartment, so kids don't go trick or treating at our house, which is super nice.
So I made mummy pizzas for dinner, we cuddled up on our couch and watched a scary movie, and we each got our own pint of ice cream to eat :)

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