Thursday, October 31, 2013

Deer Obsession

I have a problem.
I have recently become very fond of deer and antlers.  Weird? Yes.
But let me just show you some things, then maybe you will understand?
Factory beaded reindeer graphic tee
someone get me this?
Faux Deer Mount - The MINI Alfred - White w/Gold Antlers Resin Deer Head- Stag Resin White Faux Taxidermy- Chic & Trendy

Mounted Deer Head (2) Deer and Buck Stag Antlers Digital 8x10 Art Print Modern Home Decor Affordable Wall Art Wedding Gift - Charcoal
how cute is this?!
Deer Wolf Bear iphone 5 case,Bear , Deer iphone 4 case, Wolf iphone 4s case, Silicon Rubber cover skin for iphone 4/4g/4s case
seriously?! I NEED this.
Sequin deer pillow
Glittered Deer Print by ArrowsandApricots on Etsy, $10.00

Glitter Deer Silhouette Canvas
Christmas craft?
why wasn't I this for Halloween?  I don't know.  Maybe next year.

Good thing Christmas is coming soon so I can feed my addiction with lots of deer decor.
Anyone want to craft with me?

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