Monday, October 28, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Week 3

Week 3 is done! One more week to go!

Day 15:
It's starting to get cold now and I am not able to motivate myself enough to go run outside.
A few semesters ago I took a yoga class.  Once that class was over I rolled up that yoga mat and put it under my bed.  I finally decided to pull it out and do some yoga.  This is the video I have been doing.  I try to do it every morning, I don't have 45 minutes every morning to go through the entire video so I do about 15 minutes a day.

Day 16:
In my practicum there is a girl that I talk to during lunch.  All we talk about is running and trying to eat healthy on this poor, college, married, student budget.  We bounce ideas off each other and try to help motivate each other.  It's fun and I love it. 

Day 17:
More yoga to start off my day! I seriously am loving it.
Also my morning Slim Fast shake with a banana in my mason jar of course.

Day 18:
Yoga, again? You bet.

Day 19:
I wish I only worked out because I love it.  And sometimes I really do.  There are days where I just want to wake up and go running!  But that isn't very often... I wish it was every day.  But seriously, if it wasn't for exercise I would be extremely over weight with my healthy diet of cookies, cake, chocolate, candy, sugar, and vanilla coke.

Day 20:
I was really good at going running over the summer.  I would wake up and it would be light outside and warm! Now when I wake up it's cold, dark, and miserable.  I just want to lay in bed all day.  So even though I stopped working out for a little bit after my half marathon I am slowly building it back up.  Whether it is 15 minutes of yoga every day, a short ab work out, or even a run around the block, it's better than nothing and right now with this crazy schedule, I'll take it.

Day 21:
Being healthy isn't just about exercise and eating healthy.  It's also about being happy.

3 weeks down! 1 more to go!

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