Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Birthday!

I should be doing homework right now but of course blogging is a lot more fun.
If you follow me on Instagram or are my friend on Facebook, you might already be sick of all the pictures of my birthday.  Now, you just get to see more! (well, most are the same ones).  But I'm assuming that since you are here, reading this, you want to know what happened!
So yesterday, September 4th, was my birthday.
The day started out normal, waking up at 6:30 to get ready and go to work/school.  Braden was so excited about the presents that he got me that I HAD to open one right then (he's cute).  He wanted me to open them all the night before but I didn't think that would be as fun as waiting for my actual birthday.

Then I dropped Braden off at work, came home, got ready, and went to school.  After class I met Braden on campus and he bought me lunch :)
Marv 'n Joe and Vanilla Coke.  Probably the two best things in the world, after Braden of course.

Braden was a little sick yesterday but that meant that he didn't go to class and I got to spend the day with him! It was too bad that he was sick, but at least I got to spend most of the day with him!  We came home and I opened the rest of my presents! Then I had class again... 4:30-7:00.  Braden picked me up and took me out to dinner to FireHouse Pizza!

We may have eaten a little too much of the cheese/garlic bread so we didn't eat a whole lot of the pizza.  But that's okay because now I get to eat it for lunch once I'm done writing this.
Dinner was amazing.  Pizza is one of my favorite foods, but FireHouse probably has the best pizza I've ever had.
Then we came home, watched a movie and once we were ready for cake Braden lit the candles, I made a wish, and blew them out.

Braden is a great cook.  He made me this Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, from SCRATCH! And put sprinkles on it because sprinkles are the best.

 I have a hot husband, oh and he gave me this scarf :)
And one of my other birthday presents! I have been wanting this hoodie for soooooo long!
He is the best.
Then Happy Birthday in Russian

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