Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hair and a Survey

So today I have a question for all of you.
A few months ago I cut my hair short and some days I really love it, and other days I really miss my long hair.  My question to you is, should I start taking Biotin to make my hair grow faster? I keep it short?

Thanks! :)

To start growing my hair out or keep it short? free polls 



  1. You honestly look darling either way (I know that doesn't help much) haha. I am trying to grow my hair out currently and it's so difficult but if it looks anything like your long hair pics than it will be worth it!

  2. I think it would REALLY look cute if you kept it short (or grew it out... either one), but had straight bangs like in the picture with Emily :)

  3. Thanks girls! I still have no idea what to do! ha. I think I'll probably grow it out. and Karie, take Biotin! I used it before and could really tell and it helps with your skin and nails :)