Thursday, August 15, 2013


I forgot a little piece of our story.  The ENGAGEMENTS!
I absolutely loved how ours turned out.  We had the best photographer in the world Courtney Ryan.
She got every shot that I wanted and more. I had seen some poses on Pinterest that I loved and I printed off pictures of them and she replicated them perfectly.  She also took us to two beautiful locations, Memory Grove Park and Wheeler Farm.  She took so many different shots and gave us a CD with over 400 pictures to choose from!  We had so many beautiful pictures that it was hard to pick which ones to put on so here are a few of our favorites.
 Sorry for the picture overload :) 

She even captures some cute and funny moments, we have so many beautiful pictures and memories from these.

Did I forget to write about anything else about "our story"?

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