Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend in Saint George

Braden's brother and his family live in Canada and we are lucky to have them here for a few months during the summer.  We all spent this past weekend together in Saint George.  It was Braden and I, his parents, his brother and his wife and two girls, and his sister and her husband and their daughter.  We took work off on Friday and drove down and came back last night.
On Friday we just got settled in and ate dinner at Don Pedro's (same place as on our first anniversary, so good), then we played games with everyone.  That night  Braden and I also went on a walk and watched the sunset (one of our favorite things to do together).

 Braden got this amazing panorama picture of the sunset, so pretty.

On Saturday we all went to an indoor swimming pool, hung out, played with our cute nieces, went on a little drive on a golf cart, and played games.  We went shopping at the outlets that evening and then ate at Mad Pita Express. We ate there on our honeymoon and it is our favorite place to eat in Saint George and we make it our #1 priority every time we go there.

Unfortunately we had to make the long drive home yesterday.  I love going on vacations but I absolutely hate having to come back! I never want to go back to real life and have to work and go to school.  But it was a really fun weekend and it was fun catching up with Braden's brother and his wife and kids, and spending time with all of my in-laws.

Me and my cute little niece.


  1. Yay! Fun weekend. I hope you guys come down often in the next couple months!

    1. We plan on it! Probably at least every other weekend :)