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So I had a friend request that I blog about how Braden proposed to me.  My first blog post was about how we met, but I realized I never did write about the proposal.  So I am writing it now (almost a year and a half later), I am writing it for all of you, and also so that I have the story written down somewhere so I can look back and read it.
Alright, so let me just give you a little background before I start right into the proposal story.  
Fall Break 2011, Braden went to Saint George and Vegas with a group of friends.  I was at my parents house for the long weekend.  One night I had a dream that Braden had proposed.  In the dream, after the proposal, I was talking to my mom.  She mentioned that Braden didn't know what kind of ring to pick out for me so she helped him out.  I was staring at the ring and I asked my mom "Well, what is it?"  She said the ring was twine. A ring made out of twine, just what a girl wants right?
So the next day I tell my mom about this dream and we just start laughing so hard!  Why would she ever have him pick out a ring made out of twine. And to top it off, my wedding band was made out of wood, with a diamond in it.  Well, at this point Braden and I hadn't even discussed marriage, so it was a little weird that I had the dream so early.  I obviously couldn't tell him about this dream or it might freak him out.  
Many weeks had gone by and I found this ring on pinterest.
Kind of like the wedding band in my dream right?
So I text my mom a picture of the  ring, and she said something funny back.  Well I started laughing and Braden was right next to me.  At this point we had only talked about marriage maybe once, so it was still an intimidating subject and I was hesitant to tell him what I was laughing about.  But he eventually got it out of me and I told him about the dream I had... a long time ago.
Well, life kept on going and marriage became a serious topic.
For New Years Eve we had planned that he would come over to my parents house and we would celebrate it there.  He was on his way over to my parents house and he called me asking me if I had brought hiking shoes, I said yes. Then he asked if I wanted to go on a hike.  Again, I said yes.
So he came over, I got my shoes on, and we drove to Ensign Peak (where we had our first real date).  We hiked to the top and just stood there talking. I was not expecting anything (we had only gone to look at rings once). We had been up there for a while and I asked Braden how long he wanted to stay, he didn't care.  So we stayed at the top just talking and enjoying the view, and each others company.  Then he starts telling me the reasons why he loves me.  I get the biggest smile on my face and start blushing, still thinking nothing is happening.  Then we look back over the valley and he is hugging me from behind and slides a ring on my finger.  I said "Oh my!" and turned around to face him.  He said "I didn't want to wait another year to ask you, Will you marry me?"  Of course I said YES!!!! I gave him the biggest hug.  I was in shock! I didn't have to fight back tears until we were on the drive home back to my parents.  That's when reality hit.  We went to my parents and it turned out everyone already knew what was happening! I don't know how I didn't see it coming!  And the best part of it is, he made me a twine ring :)
We had it on display at our reception. 
BTW: he knew that I wanted a round diamond and a halo around it, so he made the exact ring that I wanted just out of twine!

I wore this ring and the next day we called a guy that designs wedding rings so we could make an appointment with him.  Over the course of the next two or three weeks we had designed my engagement ring.  I knew the day it was going to be ready and we were going to pick it up together after school.  That morning Braden offered to drive me to school.  So he knocked on my door that morning and came in while I got my things ready to go.  I got my backpack and turned around and there he was on his knee holding the ring.  Then he asked, "Will you still marry me?"  And of course I said YES!
He tricked me! But it was the best surprise ever.  Now I have two engagement rings!

I guess you could say the proposal literally was a "dream come true"

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