Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our Valentine's Day

This year I got spoiled sooo much by my husband. The actual day of Valentines we both had school and work. I decided to skip my first class and to make breakfast in bed.  Then Braden had work until 7:30pm and I had work and class until 9:00pm. So we weren't really able to do much together. I came home from work to wonderful surprises from my husband.

He then led me to his computer with a picture on the screen. And this is what I found...
He didn't know what size of ring I wore so he couldn't order it on his own. But this cutie will be coming in the mail some day soon! I have been wanting one for so long! He really is the best.
As seen in my previous post, I gave Braden a little treat everyday in February until Valentine's day. I still had to give him something on the actual day of Valentine's.  He had been mentioning since Christmas that he wanted a new pair of moccasin slippers so I decided to surprise him with a pair.

On Friday Braden surprised me, once again, with another treat. Chocolate cupcakes and Red Velvet cake balls.

We decided that since we couldn't really be together and celebrate Valentine's Day on the actual day we would wait until Saturday to celebrate. We had lunch at Olive Garden and then Braden took me shopping and bought me a shirt and a scarf.  This was a great first Valentine's Day as a married couple.

Happy (late) Valentine's Day!

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