Friday, July 17, 2020

Hudson's Birth Story

Swaddle+hat from StrollerSociety. It is seriously the SOFTEST swaddle blanket I have ever felt. If you have a baby you need one. And they are big and stretchy, I might use it for myself!

On Tuesday July 7th, I noticed that throughout the day I was having a lot more "contractions" throughout the day. Once the kids were asleep Braden and I started a movie. That night I started having pretty consistent "contractions". They didn't hurt, they were more like braxton hicks. I could feel tightening and a lot of pressure but they didn't hurt. Just for fun, I decided to download a contraction timer app. I started timing the contractions at 10pm and they were all about 3 minutes apart. It had been about an hour and I was getting a little nervous. Again, they didn't hurt. But I was scared because that's how it started when we had Talia. I was having consistent "contractions" (I am putting this in quotation marks because they didn't hurt, so I have no idea what they really were) but I thought nothing of them since they didn't hurt. We actually were schedule to get induced with her. They hooked me up to the monitor and started tracking my contractions and they were like... "you know you're already in labor, right?" and I was like no... Then they were like "your contractions are 2-3 minutes apart, are you feeling them?" And I was like well yeah.. but they don't hurt. And then she was born 3 hours later haha. So I honestly think that had we not been scheduled to be induced, I would have given birth to her in our home.

So that is what terrified me this time around! The contractions didn't hurt but they didn't hurt with Talia either. After timing the contractions for 1 hour I decided to call the doctor on call. She said that I should go in. Braden asked "What did she say?" And I said "She told me to go in. But I'm not going." I didn't want to go and have them send me home. Braden said that if I was going to keep timing the contractions that we had to go in, otherwise I just needed to sleep. I told him I'd time them for 30 more minutes then decide. In those 30 minutes I kept praying for a sign, that my water would break, that the contractions would start hurting, or that they would just go away. Nothing. I then kind of got the feeling that whatever we decide, everything will be okay.
30 minutes later Braden said, "I'm calling my mom, if you don't want her to come, hurry and stop me." So we got our things together and headed to the hospital.
We got to the hospital around midnight. We had to do all the COVID19 screenings. We got into the room at around 12:15 and I was first checked at 12:25. I was only dilated to a 2 and my cervix was "very long". They said they'd check me again in 1 hour. Braden and I didn't sleep that hour. We were so nervous and just freaking out basically about what was going to happen. Would we stay? Would we go home? Were we having a baby today?
At 1:30 my contractions were 2-4 minutes apart. Still only dilated to a 2 and my cervix hadn't changed. They said they'd come back in 1 hour, this time both Braden and I fell asleep and we were convinced that they'd send us home. At 3:00 things were the same but my contractions were starting to hurt. The nurse called my doctor and asked what to do. She gave me some pain medicine and then something else (I can't remember what it was called). But between the two, it would either slow down the contractions, or it would help soften my cervix. She said she'd come back in another hour and check on me. Well, she didn't come back until 6:30 so Braden and I got a nice long nap. She checked me at 6:30 and I had progressed a little! I was now dilated to a 3 and 70% effaced. They decided that I would be staying.
At an earlier doctor's appointment I had tested positive for Group B so they had to start me on antibiotics right away, they gave me my first dose at 7:00am. My doctor came around 8:30 to check me. Everything was still the same. But it turns out my first nurse had measured wrong, I was only 50% effaced. Looking back, they probably should have sent me home. But I remembered the feeling of "whatever happens, everything will be okay".
(Side note: I was very hesitant on getting induced. Boston came on his own 2 weeks early and he had an inguinal hernia and had to have surgery at 1 month old. Had he stayed in a little longer, would he have had the hernia? So I really didn't like the idea of being induced but that's basically what happened this time around. I was contracting but my body needed help progressing.)
They started me on a low dose of pitocin at 9:00. At 9:40 they bumped up the pitocin some more. At 10:14 they bumped it up some more. At 10:50 they gave me my second dose of antibiotics. And I was dilated to a 4. At 11:46 they bumped up my pitocin one last time. (Braden and I took quick naps between each of these, it was really nice). At 12:15 they broke my water and at 12:30 I got the epidural. My doctor had to go back to his office for some appointments. I told him that once they had broken my water with Talia, she came 30 minutes later. And he was like okay, I'll have the nurse call me when you're dilated to an 8 and I'll be on my way (his office was only 5 minutes away).
The nurse came in at 2:00 and I was dilated to an 8 and 100% effaced. She left and called the doctor. Well, as soon as she left I started feeling so much pressure. I told Braden "the baby is coming. I feel SO much pressure". So we called the nurse back in, she checked me and was like "oh yeah... you're ready." So now I'm freaking out because what if my doctor doesn't come in time.
Two more nurses rushed in and they started setting things up. I have never seen people move so fast. They put my legs close together and told me not to cry, laugh, or sneeze. I said "I'm already crying!" (I don't know why but I was so nervous for this one). And they said "Well don't start sobbing!" I was feeling SO much pressure! I asked them if the baby could just slip out and they laughed. They said it is a possibility but as long as my legs are closed, then we should be okay.
The doctor came rushing in the room just minutes later, they got my legs up and he was like "oh yeah, he is right there, DON'T push!" And I was like okay... well seconds later he was out. I literally didn't push once. He just slipped out.

We did skin to skin right after and he was a natural at breastfeeding.
We weren't allowed any visitors, which was so weird and so sad. All I wanted was for the kids to meet him. We facetimed and the kids seemed so excited.
We only had to stay at the hospital for 24 hours (luckily). We went to Braden's parents house (that's where the kids were. Talia LOVED him and Boston didn't seem very interested. Well by the end of the day their attitudes had pretty much swapped. Boston was LOVING him and Talia couldn't care less. Now just a few days later, they both LOVE him. They will constantly check on him, kiss him, hug him. They absolutely adore him.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Free Busy Bags for Toddlers

Earlier this week I posted some activities that I was putting together for the kids. My plan is to have these ready for when baby #3 comes. I know the first few weeks I am going to be spending a lot of time with the new baby nursing him and holding him. It's definitely an adjustment period for everyone. I wanted to have some activities ready so that I can pull them out for the kids and they can play while I'm taking care of their brother.
I plan on pulling out one or two a day, that way they don't get sick of them.

I did buy some laminating pages and velcro off Amazon for these. It's the cheapest place I could find them. I read reviews and already did the research on the cheapest ones for you :)
This is an affiliate link so if you purchase through my Amazon store I do get a very small percentage of your purchase :)
You can find the laminating pages and velcro that I bought HERE!

Here are the activities I found and have made for them!

Ice-Cream Cone Uppercase/Lowercase Matching & Beginning Sound: here

Uppercase/Lowercase Matching: here

Popsicle Pattern: here

Numbers 0-10 Matching Puzzle: here

Shape Sorting: here

Transportation Vehicles: here
Princess: here
Animals: here

Goldfish ABC Tracing: here

Cutting and Tracing Practice: here

Beginning Sounds: here

Color Matching: here

You can also get on Pinterest and search the following:
"Busy Bags"
"File Folder Activities"
"Activity Binder"
"Learning Folder"
"Quiet Bin Ideas"
"Portable Activities for Toddlers"

You can find so many activities that are FREE!
You can even get on Teachers Pay Teachers and search this and use the "free" filter.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

38 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 38 weeks and a few days.

How big is the baby: The size of a watermelon.

Gender: BOY!

Sleep: Honestly, just fine. I miss sleeping on my stomach but that's about it.

Cravings: Lemonade. It's not really a craving but it always sounds so good!

Exercise: I had to stop earlier this week. I was going on walks 6-7 days a week and exercising 4-5 days on top of that. At about 35 weeks I had to stop my walks because I noticed I would start cramping up afterwards. I actually had so much more energy after stopping my walks. I think I was over doing it. So then I slowed down and was only exercising at home 3-4 days a week but then that started making me cramp up. So I had to stop a few days after 37 weeks. Now I am using all of my energy deep cleaning the house! I am almost done.

Maternity Clothes: Yep. And even then I am struggling to find things to wear. My leggings no longer stay over my belly, they just slide down. So I'm rotating between the same 3 outfits.

Movement: He moves like crazy!

What I'm looking forward to: HAVING HIM! Ha. I am so ready to meet him. I am ready to be able to wear normal clothes and to be able to move around easily and not get winded from putting pants on.

Best moment this week: The kids feeling and watching him move! They think it is so funny. Talia also likes feeding him. She will just put food on my belly and say it's for baby.

Feeling: READY but nervous. Giving birth during a pandemic just doesn't sound very fun. I am only allowed one person in the hospital with me, which will be Braden. I won't be able to see the kids and that breaks my heart! I am going to miss them so much and it makes me sad that they can't visit. Boston asked "What if I wear a mask, then can I come?". That made me want to cry. Poor kid. I know it's only 1-2 days away from them but I don't want it! But I'm ready for this boy to come out and for the kids to meet him.