Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wednesday with eShakti

I have been wanting a dress with a cute Peter Pan collar for FORVER! But they are usually too short!
I got this Collar Cotton Knit Dress from eShakti and I am loving it!
I have a few dresses from eShakti and what I love about this company is that every dress is so customizable. You can customize the neck line, the sleeve length, the length of the dress, you can add or remove pockets, or remove embroidery. You can seriously customize it however you want.
Like I said, I have been wanting a dress like this for a while but everyone I have found is way too short. I was so excited when I found this dress and I was able to make it the length that I wanted!
I also have to say that this fabric is super soft. And it has pockets! Every girl loves a dress with pockets!
Now should I dress up as Wednesday from The Addams Family for Halloween?

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

National Baby Safety Month Part 1 feat. Stork Landing

How is it already almost half way through September?
Fall is a few months away.
Then it's Halloween.
Then it's Thanksgiving.
Then it's Christmas...
It's insane! I am seriously already planning Halloween costumes and thinking about Christmas presents ha. Anyone else?

September is National Baby Safety Month. I am so excited to have teamed up with Stork Landing to share with you some baby safety essentials.
This month, when you use the code KIANA you can buy one safety item and get another one free!

The items I am sharing with you today are...
Shock Guards
Cabinet and Drawer Latches
Gummy Crib Rail Cover

Shock Guards: These are a MUST HAVE. I remember going to a friends house for a play date when Boston was like 8 months old. My friends daughter had the end of a computer charger that goes into the computer and was going to plug it in to the outlet! I hurried and jumped and basically saved her life. Ha. Not really. But maybe? Babies are QUICK. They are so fast and sneaky. Shock guards should be on every single outlet in your home. I'm sure most, if not all, of you know this. And my friend had shock guards. It was just sitting on the table because they were using it and just didn't get put back on.
Cabinet and Drawer Latches: Now here is an embarrassing story. When Boston was about one year old I was in the bathroom, Braden was in the family room, and Boston was playing. All of the sudden I heard some tapping. I knew Braden was close by so I wasn't worried. But then I kept hearing it and I panicked... "What if he has a knife?!" I hurried and went out and sure enough... Boston had a knife in his hand. He went into the family room and was smacking the couch saying "hiya!" Haha. Okay. It seriously was the funniest thing ever (he didn't cut the couch). But also TERRIFYING. We went out that day and got some drawer latches. And I am sure you have cabinets with cleaning supplies and what not that should be closed off. So again, another no brainer/must-have.
Gummy Crib Rail Cover: My parents gifted us the post beautiful crib for Boston. It is a convertible crib that can eventually be used as a full size bed frame. And Boston chewed it up. We bought fabric rail covers and he still managed to untie them or move it around and keep biting it. I wish we would have had this Gummy Crib Rail Cover that Stork Landing gave us. And they are less obvious too. I can say that we will definitely be using these for Talia when she starts sleeping in the crib. I don't want it to get chewed up anymore!

What are some of your must-have baby safety items?
And remember, for the month of September you can use buy a baby safety item and get another free when you use the code KIANA. The code can be used in-store, online, and over the phone!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Babies & Dinosaurs

I don't know what it is about dinosaur print but I am obsessed!
Last winter Boston had a cute hoodie with some dinosaur spikes on the hood and I LOVED it!
So when I saw these T-Rex pants from Lavendersun I knew Boston had to have them. Then of course I had to get Talia this matching dinosaur print dress!

Lavendersun has really fun, unique pieces in sizes newborn-24 months. The pieces do ship from China and it takes about 12-20 days to get to you so keep that in mind. In the past when I have ordered clothing from China for an affordable price, the pieces usually aren't very well made. But that is different with this shop. The pieces are very well made, the quality is great, and the prices are great. Oh! And did I mention that they offer FREE worldwide shipping?!

The weather is finally starting to cool down. I can't wait for Boston to wear these pants and have Talia wear this dress to match him! And I can always throw on a cute cardigan on Talia if it's too cold!

Side note: I had five dinosaurs laid out but Boston HAD to have one. Which was fine. Then he kept trying to steal them, I told him to just wait a few seconds so I could take a picture. Once I was all done I told him he could have the rest of the dinosaurs and he said "I don't want them" and then threw the one he had on the floor. Ha. Of course he only wanted them when I had them.