Monday, November 12, 2018

Stocking Stuffers feat. Stork Landing

I haven't started decorating for Christmas yet but my planning is in full Christmas mode.
I have a million lists started:
Presents for Boston
Presents for Talia
Presents for Braden
Presents for family
December activities that I want to do as a family

Stork Landing gave me these fun stocking stuffer ideas about a month ago. They wanted to make sure that I/my kids had time to play with them before I reviewed everything.

HABA Guardian Angel Clutching Toy
This is a great toy for babies. It is easy to hold and fun to spin. The wings are made of silicone which is great for teething.

This toy is really fun, even for me and Braden. It's basically like a fidget spinner, just something fun to play around with! Boston and Talia love playing with it too.

Dump Truck
I actually bought Boston a cement mixer that is the same brand as this dump truck from Stork Landing several months ago. When I saw the dump truck in the stocking I knew Boston would love it. It's a pull back toy so when you pull it back then let go, it goes forward on it's own. The dump truck bed actually moves up and down. Boston will often put candy or goldfish in there and dump it. He could play with his tractors for hours, and does!

Baby Bling Headband
These are my favorite headbands! I love the material, they don't leave dents in Talia's head, and they are so cute! The color is perfect for Christmas too. I am going to use my own discount and buy several more, such a great stocking stuffer!

Critter Cubes Sticker Roll
This couldn't have been more perfect for Boston. We bought him a plain little notebook for him forever ago and he uses it just for stickers! We have a lot of sticker books for him and he just likes to play and put them in his sticker book. I love that these are different than just a sheet of stickers. It's a cube and the stickers roll out of the frogs mouth. Super fun and Boston thought it was pretty funny.

If you mention my name "KIANA" you can get 15% off of any one of these products. You can use the code online, over the phone, or in store.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

DIY Flannel Skirt

If you saw my post about Flanvember, then you know that we celebrate November 1st by wearing a new flannel! (If you didn't see the post it is HERE).
I had been searching and searching for a flannel for myself and I just couldn't find any that I liked. I was about to give up and just wear a repeat of a previous year. Then I decided that maybe I could buy a flannel skirt instead! I looked and looked and everything was so short... So I got on Pinterest and looked for skirt tutorials and decided to make my own!
I actually made it during the social media fast. I made a pencil skirt that was so cute! It took a lot of time and was really fun. (Now I have a million other sewing projects in mind.) I had left over fabric and made one for Talia to match me! Hers was a stretchy skirt, not a pencil skirt. I liked hers so much and had even more fabric left so I decided to make me a stretchy one too. I liked that one better and it was actually a lot easier to make than the pencil skirt.

This may be my favorite Flanvember and I might have to make myself a new skirt each year and then have Talia match me!

I also love that Braden and Boston are matching with their plain grey flannels.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Ivory and Nude

Happy Monday!
We were quite busy this weekend. Braden got together with some of his friends on Saturday so I spent the day with Boston and Talia. We ran lots of errands and had tons of fun. We did some shopping, ate lunch, went to a Christmas showcase and saw SANTA!!! (didn't know he was going to be there). When I saw him I kind of freaked out ha. I was so excited for Boston. I asked him if he wanted to go see him but he said no. Then I said that if he went to talk to him that he would give him candy. So Boston went up to him and let him pick him up and put him on his lap. Then I got Talia and put her on his lap. Santa asked Boston what he wanted for Christmas and Boston said he wanted a corn harvester. Then Santa asked him what Talia wanted and he said she wanted a wheat harvester, ha. It was really fun. Then we ended the day by going to the Bounce 'n Slide. It's this fun place with a ton of blow up slides, bounce houses, and obstacle sources.

I am here to tell you about this amazing dress that I got from A Dressy Occasion.
It is nude with an ivory lace overlay and I am basically obsessed with it. It is super comfortable, flowy, and pregnancy friendly! Am I the only one that thinks about clothes that can be worn now and when I get pregnant again? Ha.
I love A Dressy Occasion because they provide a wide variety of dresses for special occasions and they have them sorted by category; bridal, bridesmaids, flower girls, mother's, formal, casual, etc.
There are so many different styles and so many different colors to choose from. And yes, they have wedding dresses too!

Dress: c/o A Dressy Occasion