Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Birthday Party Prep with Stork Landing

I can't believe that Talia is going to be ONE in a little over a month.
HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! I swear I just had her.
It's so interesting the differences between how you view your kid when it's your first child and how much different it is when it is your second child. I swear at this age I thought Boston was so big, and just growing so fast. Talia is growing fast but I also just see her as a little baby. 

I am working on her 1st birthday party and I am getting SO excited!
Here is a little glimpse at her theme. I want it to be super girly and pink and floral. But I obviously have to fit in her love for llamas, right?

I got some cute decor from Stork Landing that is going to be perfect for her birthday party.
The high chair banner is my favorite. Pink. Gold. Sparkles. Everything that I love.
And the matching little party hat is SOOO cute!

You can get 15% off high chair banners, and party hats when you use the code KIANA (in store, online, over the phone)

I also experimented with royal icing over the weekend. It was my first try! The first cookies were a little rough. These still aren't the best but I am going to keep practicing.
I am so excited but equally as sad for our little baby to turn one!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Magnetic Tile Ferris Wheel

For Christmas we got Boston a 60 piece set of magnetic tiles from PicassoTiles. It has seriously been Boston's favorite toy. More so than the corn harvester that Santa got him (insert eye roll).
But to be honest, I don't know who has played with the tiles more... me, Braden, Boston, or Talia. They are seriously so much fun that we ALL play with them. And I ordered the 100 piece set, ha!

We got a fun little accessory to play with and it has been so much fun. It is PicassoTiles Ferris Wheel. The tiles are compatible with the ferris wheel so you can build off of it. We have had some fun making different ferris wheels. The set also came with a little brochure that gives different building ideas.

This has been such a fun toy and every time I mention magnetic tiles everyone just raves about them! Even Talia who is under 1, enjoys them! They make building so fun and easy!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Nursery Rhymes with alilo Honey Bunny

About a month ago I was given an alilo Bunny to review. It is a toy I would have ever picked out myself but I am glad I got it because my kids love it! They are constantly fighting over it.

I was recently sent the alilo Honey Bunny and was so excited because my kids would finally have their own and there wouldn't be anymore fighting.
Well, it didn't actually solve the problem. They both LOVE this one.
It's a little bigger and has some fun features on it.
First, it can be in English or Chinese. So if you speak Chinese that's cool. Ha. We obviously don't use that setting.
It has a built-in rechargeable battery, so you can just charge it rather than constantly buying batteries when the battery runs out.
It has 13+ recorded bedtime stories, lullaby nursery rhymes, and songs.
The ears of the bunny are bade of BPA free silicone, they are chewable so they make a great teether. They also light up in different colors. It could also be used as a night light!
It has a bluetooth connection so you can stream music from other devices.
The BEST feature and my kid's FAVORITE part about it is the recording function. You can say a short sentence, it records it, and repeats it back to you! Boston could literally spend forever playing with that feature. He thinks it is so funny that it repeats back everything he says. Talia actually gets it too! She will make cute noises and knows that it will repeat it back to her.

So again, this isn't a toy that I would normally pick out myself. But now after having it, I am so glad that I own it. It has provided so much entertainment for my kids. And now they both fight over this one, ha.