Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Florals & Corsets

Good morning!
Today I am sharing this fun dress with you from eShakti. When I chose this dress I wanted to pick something super different from what I usually pick out and I am really happy with my choice. I was a little worried it might look somewhat "pilgramy" but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on!
What I love about eShakti is that they offer a wide range of sizes and you can customize your dress! You can change the length, sleeve length, add pockets, and change neck line (on some designs).
There are so many different designs to choose from and they almost always have some sort of sale.

Now for the bad news. I have worked with eShakti before on a collab and I was very happy with my experience. I actually bought a dress from them a few years ago. I was really excited to do another collaboration with them but that blog post was supposed to go up on January 30th. The dress came more than two months late. I tried emailing them a few times and never heard a response. I was a quite annoyed. Then one day it magically appeared on my door step.
I hate to give negative reviews but I also want you to know my HONEST opinion. I am not going to go on and rave about a company/product that I don't actually love.

I love what this company does, I love their selection of dresses, I love that you can customize, and I love that they offer to so many different body sizes. But I am very unimpressed with their customer service.

So, here are some pictures of the dress I got!
Funny story about this location. I saw that a photographer had gone to this park and it was so pretty. I told Braden I wanted to go here. When we pulled up it was nothing like I had imagined. There was a stream, lots of picnic tables set up, and this bridge. Nowhere to run around and no playground. So, obviously we couldn't let Boston run around because we were afraid he might go into the river. Braden had to take these pictures one-handed with my big DSLR camera AND hold a ridiculously wiggly baby! Haha. But he did a pretty good job.

Don't you just love this lace up corset? It's on the back too!

Everyone needs a picture of themselves twirling in a dress, right?

Monday, April 10, 2017

Mommy Style Monday: Managing Time

It's another Mommy Style Monday! We just had Spring Break last week and I am dreading going back to work. But only 7 weeks left of school! I say "only" but 7 weeks still feels like A LONG time.

Our topic for today is how we manage our time. I am someone who loves having a schedule. I love making a to do list just so I can check things off. I love having a planner because I love writing in it and organizing my days. I am not much of a "go with the flow" kind of person. I like having a plan and I like feeling like I am in control, which isn't always the best.
As a working mom I feel like I don't have a lot of down time. I am constantly busy.

Here is a little outline of how a typical week day goes.
Wake up, get ready, get Boston ready, drop Boston off at the baby sitter.
Play with Boston, run errands.
(I have to brag about my husband for a second. He cooks dinner EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Because I am not able to be a stay at home mom right now, he cooks dinner so that I can have some extra play time with Boston. Luckily, I have a husband that loves cooking. He is the best)
Clean up dinner, get Boston ready for bed.
Clean up around the house
Get ready for bed
Go to bed

So as you can see my day is packed full! My only "free" time is from 3:15-6:00. That's really the only GOOD chunk of time that I have to play with Boston. And after a full day of work I am TIRED. I feel like I am good at managing my time. I try to pick up the house every day so that I am not spending a lot of time cleaning because that is more time I can be with Boston.
I guess my biggest "tip" would be to prioritize your time. What is most important to you? Make sure you make time for that each day. I don't get a lot of "me" time but exercising is something that helps me relax after a long day at work. It isn't necessarily the "me time" that I want. But it will do. That is, until the weekend comes and I can finally take a long, relaxing bath.

And honestly, blogging is one of the last things on my list. I enjoy it, but if I don't have time for it then I just don't do it. That is why some weeks I am able to post 3-4 times. And there are some weeks that I post once, if at all. I used to stress out a lot more about having to post 3 times a week ALWAYS. But sometimes I don't know what to blog about! And I'm not going to write a blog post just to do it. I don't have time for that. As much as I'd like to quit my job and be a super famous blogger that gets paid to go on vacations... (haha) I know that isn't going to happen. So for now, blogging is just going to happen when I have the time. (I still think about quitting blogging... anyone else?)

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How do you manage your time?
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Monday, April 3, 2017

Hunt for Tassels

Remember my post about Poshmark a few weeks ago? (here)
Well, the whole reason I got on was to look for a specific shirt. Last summer I found a way cute top online from H&M but it was sold out in my size. So I went to the H&M nearest to us and I couldn't find it in any size! I checked a few more times and never found it so I just gave up.
About two months ago I saw a blogger wearing a shirt that looked super similar! So I asked her where she got it. She said he got it at H&M last year... Then a week later I saw another blogger post the same shirt! So I asked her where it was from and she said H&M but she bought it at Plato's Closet. Then she suggested that I check out Poshmark and see if it's there.
I found Poshmark like 3 years ago but didn't really know what it was and if it was trustworthy. But when she suggested it I decided to actually look. AND I FOUND IT! I found it from a few sellers and in a few different sizes, so if you love it as much as I do then you can get it too!
I love shopping on this site because I feel like all the boutiques these days are selling the same things and it's hard to find unique pieces. Poshmark has so many different brands and they are all great prices! Again, the only downside is the shipping cost. But if you find something amazing, then it is totally worth it.
Sign up using the code UPBFQ to get $5 off your first order. That will basically take care of the shipping cost!

Sometimes my favorite pictures are the ones with Boston photobombing :)