Sunday, May 20, 2018

Talia: Three Months

Talia is three months old! Which means... maternity leave is over. I went back to work on Friday and it was soooo hard leaving her and Boston. 1.5 more weeks and then it's summer! I really have no need to complain about only having to go back to work for 8 days before summer but it is still so hard.

So what's new with Talia?
We heard her first giggle at 2.5 months! She is seriously THE HAPPIEST baby. She will smile and laugh so easily... for mom and dad. Everyone else has to work pretty hard. She has discovered her voice and loves to talk. She loves watching Boston and Boston loves playing with her. Before he kind of just tolerated her but now he actually talks to her, plays with her, grabs her hands and feet, he LOVES her.
She used to always have her hands in a fist and it would make her hands STINK! No matter how many times we washed them. She has finally learned how to open her hands. She is always playing with them and putting them in her mouth.
When she gets really excited she kicks her little legs super fast. The things that make her the most excited are baths, and staring at herself in the mirror that is on her little play mat.
We love this little girl so much. And it makes me want a million more!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Magic Pen Coloring feat. Stork Landing

I got this fun Magic Painting Pen book from Stork Landing and Boston wanted to open it the second he saw it. It is really cool and it really is like magic. The marker is clear and it only draws on this book. As you draw on certain sections it colors it differently. So your kids can draw on your walls, couches, tables, all they want and it won't make a mark!
They have so many different books. This one is an Avenger one but they have princess ones and so many more. This is the perfect activity for church, while you're waiting at the doctors office, or just when you need some peace and quiet.

And the best part... you can get one for 15% off!

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And you can still get 15% off the other items I have blogged about

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Talia's Blessing Day

Talia's blessing day was on Sunday and it was such a fun day! Braden gave her such a beautiful blessing and then we went to a park afterwards with our family and had a little luncheon. The cousins all ran around and played!

Talia wore the same blessing dress that I wore when I was blessed as a baby. The day before my grandparents passed away my grandma called me to ask me a question. During our conversation I mentioned that Talia would be wearing my dress. My grandma then asked if she did the embroidery on my dress and I said I didn't know and that I would have to ask my mom. The pink flowers were all embroidered by my grandma! It made the dress even more special. My grandparents weren't able to attend the blessing in person but I know that they were there in spirit.


Isn't the embroidery that my grandma did just BEAUTIFUL?!

This beautiful bracelet is from The Silver Tree

My sister in law made this bracelet! It matched Talia's dress perfectly!

The headband and little shoes are from Kendall's Klozet